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Warning - Dodgy Beefburgers

By January 16, 2013

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Anybody visiting Ireland and using self-catering accommodation may want to avoid supermarket beefburgers and ready-made meals at the moment - a food scandal rocks the shelves. When testing what should have been beef ingredients, researchers found large amounts of horse and pig DNA. While not being a health risk, this is not good news. Eating horse-meat is traditionally being frowned upon in Ireland while the Jewish and Muslim communities cannot be happy about the pork in the burgers and meals. Solution? Go veggie, avoid ready-made products and minced meats ... or buy from a Halal butcher. Investigations are ongoing ...

February 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm
(1) Maria Andreucetti says:

May I correct your comment “while not being a health risk” … the recent findings of pig and horse DNA in meat & ready made meals is most certainly a health risk .. and one, which thankfully, seems to be getting taken seriously by the Food Safety Authority, and indeed the police, who are now handling this debacle.

The truth is that nobody yet knows the extent of the seriousness of these findings. The general concensus of opinion with the people of Ireland seems to be the dizzy view that “well, the French eat horse … nothing wrong with that” or “horse is more expensive, so it’s a good food” or “what’s all the fuss about … we eat cows” and such blithely ignorant views about what has actually happened in our food chain.

It has not occurred to the general popuation what kind of horses the contaminated meat came from, what they had been fed and what medication or other substances they had been given. And they are not (apparently) aware of how these factors could potentially affect anyone who ate contaminated meat. Simple ? You would think …. ? I am no rocket scientist myself, but heyyyyy … let’s try a modicum of common sense here.

Maria Andreucetti

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