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Self-Catering Accommodation

Ireland Accommodation 101


Self-Catering Accommodation in Athenry

Self-Catering Accommodation in Athenry - you cannot hope to stay in a more traditional context than this converted outbuilding.

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Self-catering accommodation ... why not? Renting a flat or a cottage on a weekly basis is quite popular for vacationers who want to spend quality time with friends or family in one area of Ireland. From modern apartment complexes to renovated old cottages all sorts of self-catering accommodation is on offer. Here you can really make your home away from home!

While having a number of advantages, rental cottages or apartments have the disadvantage of tying you down. The normal rental period of a week means that you will spend t is week within driving distance of your accommodation. Which can be fine if you plan to stay locally for your daytrips anyway. But especially cottages can be in remote places. Important advice is to get the exact location of the cottage before booking to determinate the driving times involved for your agenda - being stuck on an isolated peninsula with only a long and winding road leading to it puts a damper on all of us.

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