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Aer Lingus

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Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport

Aer Lingus at Dublin Airport

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Aer Lingus - Who Are They?

Aer Lingus still is Ireland's official flag carrier - though the former state-owned airline has been privatized a few years ago an has been dwarfed by competitor (and shareholder) Ryanair. The airline with the distinctive shamrock has been trying to re-invent itself as a budget airline over the past years, introduced a lean business model and cut down on services.

What Services does Aer Lingus Provide?

Aer Lingus provides both short-haul and long-haul flights. After a brief flirt with a dedicated route to Dubai all long-haul routes will be transatlantic from March 2008.

Which of Ireland's Airports Are Serviced by Aer Lingus?

Dublin Airport, Belfast International Airport, Cork Airport and Shannon Airport.

What International Airports Does Aer Lingus Connect To?

Agadir, Alicante, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Birmingham, Bologna, Bordeaux, Boston, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dubrovnik, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Faro, Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Funchal, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Helsinki, Ibiza, Jersey, Krakow, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Lisbon, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Naples, Newcastle, New York, Nice, Orlando, Paris, Poznan, Prague, Rennes, Riga, Rome, Salzburg, San Francisco, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife, Toulouse, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw, Washington and Zurich. There are also codeshare agreements in place for other destinations.

Aer Lingus' Fleet - What Planes Can You Expect?

Mainly Boeing 737 on short-haul flights and Airbus on long-haul.

Can You Expect Problems With Aer Lingus?

Generally speaking no - Aer Lingus is considered a safe and reliable airline. Though the fleet may be ageing at times, maintenance is spot-on and technical problems seem to be of minor proportions. There have been no major incidents involving Aer Lingus flights in recent years.

Industrial relations have, however, taken a beating since 2007 and workers seem to be ready for strike action at the drop of a hat. This situation is not helped by a generally aggressive and unyielding attitude by management. Customer relations, especially regarding information on upcoming disturbances, left a lot to be desired in times of unrest.

What is the Ryanair Issue?

Competitor Ryanair holds a sizeable stake in Aer Lingus and has repeatedly tried to gain majority shareholder status - industry experts tend towards the opinion that this would, first and foremost, give Ryanair access to intercontinental, long haul routes and further business without major investments and price wars. The saga is ongoing ... with Ryanair vowing not to kill Aer Lingus off.   

My Personal Travel Experience with Aer Lingus was ...

... ever-changing - the standard of service on short-haul flights has declined noticeably over the years (though this must be seen in line with declining fares). The difference to dedicated no-frills airlines is slowly becoming unnoticeable. Long-haul flights are average in service. Service personnel sometimes can appear under-enthusiastic and equipped with a too generous helping of "attitude" both on the ground and in the air. There have also been problems with delays on short-haul routes, where scheduling can lead to knock-on effects when one flight starts to lag.

How Do I Contact Aer Lingus in Ireland?

Republic of Ireland - 0818 365000
Northern Ireland - 0870 8765000

Aer Lingus On The Net:

Aer Lingus' Website

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