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Belfast Castle Cats

The Feline Protectors on Cave Hill


Belfast Castle and the cats ... according to legend, Belfast Castle is safe as long as there is a (preferably white) cat residing there. This myth led to the creation of the "Cat Garden" right next to the stately pile on the slopes of Cave Hill. Which boasts no less than nine cats for visitors to discover. All clearly visible, but some hidden in plain sight. Great for kids and cat-lovers, it'll occupy you for some time!

By the way ... if you are a cat person like myself, you'll find loads of interesting stuff at Franny Syufy's site "About Cats", have a look.

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Topiary Sculputre of a Sitting CatTopiary Sculpture of a Sitting CatLet Sleeping Cats LieLet Sleeping Cats LieThis Cat Got the Cream!This Cat Got the Cream!Mosaic of a Sitting CatMosaic of a Sitting Cat
Snoozing Bronze CatSnoozing Bronze CatA White Cat Sat in a WallA White Cat Sat in a WallCat Playing With a Ball of StringCat Playing With a Ball of StringReclining Cat MosaicReclining Cat Mosaic
Has This Cat Spotted a Mouse?Has This Cat Spotted a Mouse?
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