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Trim (County Meath)

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Trim Castle (County Meath)

Trim Castle (County Meath)

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The Bottom Line

If you are interested in the Middle Ages at all, Trim is the place to visit. Just half an hours drive from Dublin the Meath town has an old-fashioned town center and a whole host of medieval ruins. The massive Trim Castle being the largest and most famous of them.


  • One of Ireland's largest castles dominates a bend in the Boyne.
  • Walk along the Boyne leads to even more ruins.
  • Traditional town center with several cafes.


  • Central parking can be difficult.
  • New hotel development near the castle.


  • The town of Trim straddles the River Boyne and has a high number of medieval ruins.
  • Trim Castle is amongst the largest in Ireland and was built by the de Lacy family as a center of feudal power.
  • Trim was also known as an ecclesiastical center and a pilgrimage site.

Guide Review - Trim (County Meath)

Once you have found a parking space (it might be easier off the center), make your way to Trim Castle and take a good walk around it. Only this way is it possible to take in the sheer size of the Anglo-Norman fortress, erected as the main seat of power for the de Lacy family. The best view can be had from the road bridge across the Boyne or from the fields on the river bank opposite the castle. Here you can also find the "Yellow Steeple" (the imposing former tower of Trim Abbey) and an old town gate. A pedestrian bridge takes you back over the Boyne to the castle.

Hand over a few Euros for the tour which will take you into the massive keep. Visitors suffering from vertigo should be prepared for a narrow and very high walkway that has to be crossed - safe but at first a daunting proposal. Your reward is a final stop out on the roof of the keep, the views are great (if one ignores the new hotel opposite the castle). After the tour of the keep take some time to explore the castle proper. The enormous walls, the partially preserved gatehouse and some cellars should impress everybody.

Follow the Boyne downstream through some fields or along the road and you will come to the "new town" area. Here you will first find the ruins of a huge church. This actually is a downsized version of the original church as archaeologists found out, the building would have been the largest of its kind in all Ireland. A narrow stone bridge crossing the Boyne is nearby, further ruins on the other side of the bridge were part of a Hospitaller house.

If you make your way back to the castle on the road above the right bank of the Boyne this will lead you past the Echo Gate and a memorial dedicated to Our Lady of Trim, a medieval pilgrimage site.

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