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Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery (County Sligo)

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Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery - passage tomb with Benbulben in the background

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The Bottom Line

This attraction near Sligo Town is very much undervalued by both guidebooks and tour operators - despite being easily accessible if only for the fact that a major road runs right through it. On the other hand it is just a few piles of stones. And what a fan of megalithic culture will see as heaven others might just spare a passing glance. If you are at all interested in prehistoric Ireland and you are in the area, do not miss Carrowmore.


  • Carrowmore is the largest megalithic cemetery in Ireland.
  • Several tombs are scattered around, from the massive to the mundane.
  • At the center of a whole landscape of interconnected megalithic artifacts and natural "markers".


  • Seasonal snag - self-guided tours provide less entertainment and insight.


  • Assorted tombs of different sizes and vastly differing states of preservation make up Ireland's largest megalithic cemetery.
  • Several alignments are readily noticeable in the surrounding landscape.
  • Visitor facilities are basic and self-guided tours are the norm outside the main season, both adequate for most visitors.
  • Guided tours provided from March to October

Guide Review - Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery (County Sligo)

What fascinates me most about Carrowmore is not so much the number of tombs or the size of them - some tombs are barely visible and there are bigger ones dotted around Ireland.

But once you stand in the middle of the fields surrounding the tombs on a moderately clear day you will be fascinated. The massive plateau of Belbulben cuts off the view to the North. In the West Queen Maebh's Grave on the top of Knocknarea aligns with several Carrowmore tombs. Ridges and mountain tops provide further points of reference for the budding researcher of ley-lines and other alignments. And even if these speculations are not your cup of tea the landscape will impress you. As will the tombs, one of which you can actually "enter" thanks to a clever reconstruction providing a "cut-away view".

But speaking of cups of tea - the visitor center provides an interesting exhibition but no tearoom or café. Which may disappoint and leave you yearning for a hot flask on blustery days.

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