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Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery - Impressions of a Distant Past


Carrowmore near Sligo - once you stand in the middle of the fields surrounding the tombs on a moderately clear day you will be fascinated. The massive plateau of Belbulben cuts off the view to the North. In the West Queen Maebh's Grave on the top of Knocknarea aligns with several Carrowmore tombs.
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The Graveyward of CarrowmoreThe Graveyward of CarrowmoreGazing at BenbulbenGazing at BenbulbenPassage TombPassage TombOvergrown and DisappearingOvergrown and Disappearing
Stone CircleStone CircleDolmenDolmenFarming ActivitiesFarming ActivitiesMirror of Nature?Mirror of Nature?
Alignments or Accident?Alignments or Accident?Reconstructed Passage TombReconstructed Passage TombInner ChamberInner ChamberSheep at the DolmenSheep at the Dolmen
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