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A Tour of the Wicklow Mountains


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To the Meeting of the Waters
At the Meeting of the Waters

At the Meeting of the Waters

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When a white pub appears on your right, find a place in the car park on the left - you are at the Meeting of the Waters. Here the rivers Avonbeg and Avonmore join to create the Avoca. There is a viewing area at the confluence of the two rivers and the sight is stunning - provided you ignore the ghastly white behemoth of a pub acronn the Avonbeg. Planning permission should have been denied here.

Also in the small park you will find a bust of and monument to Thomas Moore - not the Renaissance churchman but "Ireland's National Poet" (as the monument claims). Moore wrote a poem on the location in the location.

Reclaim you car after a last look around and then head up the R752 towards Rathdrum and Avondale.

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