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A Tour of the Wicklow Mountains


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Through the Wicklow Gap
The Wicklow Gap

The Wicklow Gap

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From Glendalough track back to Laragh until you come to the first junction, turn sharp left and start the slow climb on the R756 towards the Wicklow Gap. If you are traveling in winter check road conditions first, you really don’t want to get stuck up there!

You will be driving through a lush, idyllic landscape - which all of a sudden ends. At the old lead works you might want to park and enjoy the view back into the wooded Vale of Glendasan. And you might well be under the impression that desolation starts here - the ruins of the lead works, some heaps of stone strewn about and rocky hillsides combine to foster depression.

But once you carry on up the road you will soon come to the Wicklow Gap. Thankfully there are two parking lots available and trackways outline possible walks up to Lough Nahanaghan and a reservoir to the south.

More enterprising walkers can head north up Tonalagee (817 metres) for a stunning view, not least of hidden Lough Ouler. This "Lake of the Eagle" is curiously heart-shaped and can only be seen after a climb. If you really want to stretch your legs and take in a sight not many fellow travelers see, head for the hills now.

Afterwards (or instead) carry on following the R756 towards ... Hollywood.

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