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Taxis – Dublin Public Transport

Getting from A to B Without Fuss ... Hopefully!


Dublin Taxi on a Charity Run

Dublin Taxi on a Charity Run

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Taxis are regarded as part of Dublin's public transport system ... since deregulation finding a taxi has become less of a problem. This is the good news. The bad news being that "cabbies" are not really required to have in-depth local knowledge and that the vehicles used tend to be of varying quality. Taking a taxi can thus result in sharing very cramped confines with a driver totally lost. Detours for the sole benefit of hiking up the fare are not unknown, especially if the passenger is identifiable as a tourist. Thankfully these rogue operators are in the minority.

Taxis are recommended to avoid walking sidestreets at night or to save journey time if there is no alternative direct service. A taxi to and from the airport can also be an advisable option, especially if you are not in any accommodation serviced by the airport bus routes.


What Areas are Served by Taxis?

Gernerally all areas, though drivers might not take on the odd trip for various reasons. Taxi ranks can be found in the city and near transport hubs. You may also call a company to pick you up, this sometimes results in long delays at busy times. Alternatively you can hail a taxi in the street,most drivers will stopand pick you up if they are free.



What is a Typical Cost for a Taxi Ride?

How long is a piece of string? It all depends on when and where you want to go - but as a rule of thumb a ride from the airport to a hotel in central Dublin will set you back between 30 and 36 Euros. If you are in a group of five or six persons sharing a seven-seater, this compares favourable to the dedicated airport bus services.


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