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The City of the Dead - Glasnevin Cemetery


Glasnevin Cemetery, within easy reach of Dublin's city center, is one of the most astounding necropolis in the world. Packed tight and close together more than 1,500,000 individual graves can be found - from the nameless poor and cholera victims to Ireland's national heroes. Upon entering through the main gate your eye will be drawn to a chapel of rest and a massive round tower - this is more than 150 ft high and the largest specimen in Ireland. Albeit a "fake". This is the memorial built for the "Liberator" Daniel O'Connell, interred in a crypt below. O'Connell actually came up with the idea of the whole cemetery. Prospect Cemetery, as it was originally called, was the first cemetery re-allowing any non-Anglican religious rites during the funeral. In 1832 it started off as a plot of land comprising nine acres, today more than 120 acres can be explored. Take a walk with me ...
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Glasnevin Cemetery ChapelAngelO'Connell's Monument - A Round TowerA Roman Angel
Looking for SalvationA Victorian Family VaultA Weeping AngelTriumphant Warrior
Parnell's StoneSaint ChristopherNo Room to SpareAn Actor's Grave
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