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Dublin on Your Own Two Feet


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Starting Out on O'Connell Bridge
O'Connell Street

O'Connell Street - The Monument to O'Connell is Dwarfed by the Spire

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Most of the main sights of Dublin are situated in a comparatively small area. To get a good impression of this lively and historic city you only need to take a walk. And you can travel light as shelter from rain and refreshments can be found virtually everywhere. The whole tour of Dublin's Fair City should take anything between two and six hours - two hours for energetic walkers and without lingering too long at any place, six hours including stops, the Trinity College tour and a pause or two in a café. So put on your walking shoes and off we go ...

Start your walk on O'Connell Bridge, the nearest equivalent of a central place Dublin can boast. Reputed to be the only bride in the world that is wider than it is actually long this is the heart of Dublin, situated between the affluent Southside and the once (and in places still) slummy Northside. Admire the view for a few minutes, then start walking up O'Connell Street. Cross over to the central reservation and have a good look at the O'Connell Memorial with its magnificent statues full of allegory. See an angel crushing a serpent, spot the faithful Irish wolfhound and notice some bullet holes. These were caused by gunfire during the fighting in 1916 and have never been repaired.

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