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Dublin on Your Own Two Feet


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Ha'penny Bridge, Temple Bar and the Bank of Ireland
Ha'penny Bridge

Ha'penny Bridge - Rarely Empty

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Now turn left into Liffey Street and walk down to the river of the same name. You will see the "Hags with the Bags" on your right just before having to cross the river using Ha'penny Bridge (officially "Liffey Bridge"). Dublin's most photographed river crossing was originally financed by a toll of one Halfpenny, hence the name. Today crossing is free but on the bridge beggars hope for some change most of the time.

On the south bank a small (and sometimes very smelly) thoroughfare will take you straight into the "bohemian" Temple Bar area, the hub of Dublin's trendy nightlife. Assuming you will make this walk during daytime you may wonder what the fuss is all about - especially in the mornings Temple Bar is near deserted. Most of the action would be in the streets to the right - have a look and judge for yourself whether to come back later.

For now you may well walk straight on past the looming Central Bank until you reach Dame Street. Take a left here and walk to College Green. On your left is the stately building that once was Ireland's parliament and now is the Bank of Ireland - take a look at the slightly dated security measures including small cannons. The Irish parliament is known as the only democratic representation that voted itself out of existence, effectively accepting direct British rule at the start of the 19th century.

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