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Guinness Storehouse (St. James's Gate, Dublin)

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Guinness - One of the Legendary

Guinness - One of the Legendary "Zoo" Adverts

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The Bottom Line

Guinness is undoubtedly Dublin's most famous export and a visit "to the Guinness brewery" ranks amongst the top ten things to do when visiting Dublin. But, to be honest, you will not visit the brewery proper. The Guinness Storehouse is a lively and interesting exhibition though - and topped off (literally) by the breathtaking view from the Gravity Bar. Complementary pint of "the black stuff" included.


  • Interesting exhibition on the history of Guinness and the brewing process.
  • Stunning views over Dublin's rooftops from the Gravity Bar.
  • Complimentary draught Guinness.


  • High entrance fee.


  • Located on the site of the original St. James's Gate Brewery, leased to Arthur Guinness in 1759.
  • Comprehensive and entertaining exhibition on the company history and the production process.
  • Tour includes a sample in the Gravity Bar or the Brewery Bar.

Guide Review - Guinness Storehouse (St. James's Gate, Dublin)

Young Arthur Guinness took over the St. James's Gate Brewery in 1759, agreeing on a payment of £45 per year - and time is running out! His lease was fixed for 9,000 years, so try to get here before the year 10759.

While you will not get into the brewery proper, the Guinness Storehouse provided a unique experience. Through a gigantic glass of stout and stepping over the original lease you will enter an exhibition detailing every aspect of Guinness' history and products. You'll even meet the man himself in his anteroom. Plus learn about the extensive Guinness rail network, the stout-carrying pipelines used by crafty locals for the odd free inebriation, the power of advertising and the history of the several legendary series of posters.

If all this is not enough, you can buy millions of branded souvenirs and enjoy a free pint of the "black stuff" in the traditional Brewery Bar. Or in the stunning Gravity Bar, six floors up and overlooking the rooftops.

Did I say "free pint"? If this sounds like a bargain be warned - the entrance fee to the Guinness Storehouse is one of the highest in Dublin. And ultimately the whole attraction is a huge PR exercise for Diageo (Guinness' parent company). Making it a must-see and a five-star-attraction for true fans of Guinness. All others should decide individually whether to go or not.

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Guinness Storehouse, Member SteveSingleton

In light of the previous review, I went to the website provide by this site. The tickets were available for 13.50 euros if purchased online and were good for 1 year. This was for one adult and other discounts were available, i.e., senior citizen, etc. I will buy online and get my free Guinness and not worry about paying 10 euro to get in the gift shop. I'll redo my ratings after I make my visit in May.

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