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Details of Dublin - Those Hidden Gems Most Visitors Miss


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... and the devil is in the detail. But when you stroll around Dublin you might find beauty in details often missed by visitors (and even locals). Dublin is not all about big buildings and Georgian doors. It also has those hidden gems that simply cry for a tele-lens.

If you want to go detail-hunting in Dublin, here are some handy hints:

  • Look up!
    Many of the architectural details on houses are "hidden in plain sight" - on the upper floors.
  • Look down!
    A surprising variety of gems are underfoot, thoughtlessly trampled over by millions of feet.
  • Stop and get a good, long look!
    Many a grand building needs time to explore - more time than passing by on a tour bus.
  • Get off the beaten track!
    You will be surprised how many (albeit rough) diamonds can be found where tourists normally don't go ...

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