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Dublin Horse Show (RDS Showgrounds, Dublin)

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Dublin Horse Show (RDS Showgrounds, Dublin)
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The Bottom Line

The Dublin Horse Show is one of Dublin's traditional social highlights. While the riders fight it out for (amongst others) the Aga Khan Trophy, everybody even remotely interested in equestrian sports gathers in the stands and the exhibition halls. Never in more flamboyant style than on "Ladies' Day", when the hunt for the best-dressed female on two legs steals the show from the four-legged competition.


  • World-class equestrian competitions attract top riders.
  • Wide variety of equestrian events on and off the course.
  • One of Dublin's traditional social highlights, especially "Ladies' Day".


  • None really, but parking can become annoying.


  • The Dublin Horse Show features equestrian events, exhibitions and associated trade stands.
  • The showgrounds of the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) host the Dublin Horse Show every August.
  • Despite major improvements parking can still be problematic at times.

Guide Review - Dublin Horse Show (RDS Showgrounds, Dublin)

The Dublin Horse Show might not come to mind as an "important event" for many people - unless you are into equestrian sports and especially showjumping. In that case it is very important, mainly because of some top riders competing in the coveted Aga Khan Trophy.

But even if you are not a follower of these sports, you can still enjoy a day out in the RDS. Because the Dublin Horse Show is not all about competition. In fact more room seems to be given to the massive exhibitions. Which feature mainly horse-related goodies for sale, but also branch out into "lifestyle".

And for all fashionistas "Ladies' Day" is a must ... never in the history of Dublin have so many big hats been worn.

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