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Dublin Castle - A Splash of Color and a Riot of Styles


Dublin Castle is not your typical castle ... actually it is not much of a castle at all. As far as fortifications go most of them are ornamental and not very effective. Admitted, there is a massive tower, but it had been rebuilt several times since the middle ages. And the most medieval-looking parts of the whole ensemble might well have been built in the 18th or 19th century.

But is Dublin Castle worth a visit anyway?

It sure is - the mix and (not always) match style of buildings makes for interesting viewing, the use of different colors dazzles and apart from the State Rooms both the great Chester Beatty Library and the Garda Museum attract the visitor.

And if you are tired there are the Dubh Linn Gardens or the two excellent cafes on site ...

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The Dublin Castle CourtyardEchos of Yesterday in Dublin CastleThe Colors of Dublin CastleThe Main Tower of Dublin Castle
Saint Patrick's HeadThe One Saint Patrick Missed ...Not the Dungeon ... but the Entrance to the Garda MuseumMonument to Veronica Guerin
The Chester Beatty Library
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