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Dublin Statues

Memorials Worth Seeking Out in Ireland's Capital


Dublin statues, are they worth it? Statues can tell you a lot about the city that erects them - about its attitudes, its history, its famous sons and daughters, albeit sometimes adopted. Look at its statues, I always say, and you look at the heart and soul of a city.

Dublin is blessed by a multitude of monuments, from the abstract to the life-like. Here are some of my favorites you might want to seek out. All are in public spaces and within easy reach of the the city center, so go exploring!

Northside - O'Connell Street and Parnell Square Area

James Joyce - The Dubliner per se
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Northside - Royal Canal Area

  • Brendan Behan on the banks of the Royal Canal ... near Mountjoy Prison

On the Banks of the Liffey

Southside - Trinity College Area

Southside - Dublin Castle Area

Southside - Archbishop Ryan Park (Merrion Square)

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