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Dublin Tours - Viking Splash Tour

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A Viking

The Viking Splash Tour - Ducking Around Dublin

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The Bottom Line

If you want to see Dublin's most important attractions at a leisurely, if not too comfortable pace, the Viking Splash Tour should be considered. Not only will you be driven in a unique vehicle, you will also have loads of fun and maybe even get wet. But note that the circular route does not feature hopping on and off the "bus".


  • Gets you past nearly all the important points of attraction in Dublin City.
  • Commentary is often Viking-themed and entertaining.
  • Unique detour into the Grand Canal.
  • You get to ride in a vintage amphibious vehicle.
  • It is fun (and encouraged) to growl and scorn at lesser mortals on the sidewalks.


  • Converted DUKWs are not really made for very rainy or cold days.
  • No hop-on hop-off service, just an old-fashioned circular tour.


  • Converted amphibious vehicles from the World War Two take you on a circular route, passing all important Dublin attractions.
  • The tour actually includes a splash into the Grand Canal.
  • Views and camera angles from the DUKWs are generally good - but it can get wet and the superstructure can get in the way.
  • You can join the tour near St. Patrick's Cathedral or at St. Stephen's Green North, tours start at 10 am, midday and 2 pm.
  • The Viking Splash Tour does not run in winter.

Guide Review - Dublin Tours - Viking Splash Tour

Forget modern or or even aging doubledeckers - these tour vehicles really stand out from the crowd. A handful of brightly colored, converted DUKWs (or "ducks") provide uncomfortable seating, a bone-rattling driving experience, a draughty atmosphere and ... more fun than you can shake a Viking's sword at. For some people simply the best tour of Dublin there is. You get to growl at pedestrians in a medieval Nordic manner and the whole vehicle even enters the Grand Canal. What more can you want?

The Viking Splash Tour certainly is a sightseeing experience of the different kind - while you will pass much the same attractions as any other tour of Dublin, you will not be able to hop on and hop off. On the other hand the doubledeckers only drive into the Grand Canal on rare occasions and with far less buoyancy. So, what will you see on the tour?

The tours start at Bull Alley near St. Patick's Cathedral and will take you past Christ Church Cathedral, through the old Viking area of Dublin, past Trinity College, the Government Buildings and Leinster House on Merrion Square, through Georgian Dublin and around St. Stephen's Green, along the Liffey Quays and finally into the Grand Canal Basin. Here the younger Viking's on board will have to look out for U2's recording studio ... while the historically minded can enjoy an unusual view of Boland's Flour Mills. All in all the tour takes around 75 minutes.

Please take note that the exact route may change due to roadworks or changing traffic layouts!

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