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Killary Cruises

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Killary Cruises

Killary Cruises

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The Bottom Line

Killary Cruises are a safe bet if you want to experience Killary Harbor, Ireland's only fjord, you can simply drive along the coastal road and look across the water. A far better way to enjoy the landscape is from the water. You can enjoy the panorama unfolding with all senses, take time out from driving and simply enjoy. Even in rougher weather - the catamaran construction makes for a smooth ride.


  • Leisurely cruise on Ireland's only fjord in a modern catamaran.
  • Stunning views of the landscape.
  • Dolphin encounters possible.


  • Catering not very efficient for larger crowds.


  • Explore Ireland's only fjord from the comfort of a modern catamaran.
  • Round trip provides stunning views and (with luck) opportunity to see wild dolphins.
  • Food and drink available on board - but a wait may be required.

Guide Review - Killary Cruises

Unless you are in a hurry and just passing through, you should really take some time out to enjoy the trip down Killary Harbor to the Atlantic. Passing stunning mountainsides with steep slopes, small villages all nearly inaccessible by road and huge salmon farms you will get a completely fresh picture of this area. Certainly a better picture than from the shore.

The boat trip ends at the Atlantic, small islands are dotting the water here. And with a little bit of luck you will see dolphins in the area. This cannot, however, be guaranteed - the trips are not advertised as "dolphin watching". What you are certain to find is a rugged, yet peaceful, largely unspoilt landscape. You may even spot a small youth hostel right next to the water on the southern shore - this once was the home of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

What I had to be a bit philosophical about when taking the trip was the catering. I enjoyed the food, but the time it took to arrive was certainly too long. The facilities seem to be very stretched when the boat is filled with crowds willing to order - it might be a good idea to bring your own snack or defer lunch to after the trip.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
May 2010 Killary Cruise, Member Simpslj

My sister, parents and I went on this lovely cruise in late May. It was a relaxing venture after having had a hectic and crazy first couple days in Ireland. Well worth the time to enjoy this cruise. The folks that run this operation are absolute gems!

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