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Sligo Town and Environs

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Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery (County Sligo)

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery (County Sligo)

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Yeats Statue in Sligo Town

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The Bottom Line

Sligo's most recent claim to fame is as the home of Irish pop quartet "Westlife" - but the seaside town and its surrounding county have much more to offer. A huge number of prehistoric monuments, unique landscapes and the connections with poet W.B.Yeats and the Republican Countess Markiewicz attract countless visitors each year. While the town itself is unspectacular, the area is among the top attractions you should enjoy in Ireland.

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  • Fabulous landscapes, the seaside and historical as well as literay connections.
  • Numerous monuments and attractions in area.
  • Inspired poet W.B.Yeats, whose grave is to be found beneath Belbulbin.


  • Sligo town itself can be dull and uninspiring at times.


  • Sligo Town is a county market town with 18,000 inhabitants and connections to the poet Yeats.
  • The surrounding area is rich in prehistoric monuments and newer attractions.
  • Nearby Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery is Ireland's largest stone-age burial area.

Guide Review - Sligo Town and Environs


Any Google search for Sligo will bring up references to Irish pop stars "Westlife" - and during the summer months a lot of teenage girls visit the town for this reason alone. But the area around Sligo Town has much more to offer. Unfortunately the town itself, despite having some good pubs, folk music and a smattering of historic buildings, is not very exciting. Best to use it as a base for exploring "Yeats County" and the area in general. Some attractions of Note are

  • Ballymote - has a massive medieval castle and a monument to Brother Walfred, founder of Glasgow's Celtic Football Club.
  • Carrowmore Megalitic Cemetery - Ireland's largest stone-age burial site.
  • Drumcliff - Yeats' grave is in the historic churchyard beneath Benbulbin; a high cross and the stump of a round tower are further attractions.
  • Knocknarea - over 1,000 feet high hill with the (reputed) grave of Queen Maeve on its top.
  • Lissadell House - birthplace of Countess Markiewicz.
  • Rosses Point - great views of Sligo Bay and an "Iron Man" are to be found here.


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