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Irish History - From the Establishment of English Rule to Cromwell


Irish Warriors of the Elizabethan Period (Reenactors at Shane's Castle, County Antrim)

Irish Warriors of the Elizabethan Period (Reenactors at Shane's Castle, County Antrim)

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  • Anglo-Irish nobles are put under strict control after their support for both the pretenders Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck.
  • "Poynings' Law" makes all legislation passed by the English parliament automatically applicable to Ireland as well.
Early 16th Century
  • Continual unrest and civil war plagues Ireland, the country descends into anarchy.
  • Only massive English intervention brings stability ... at a price.
  • Parliament makes Henry VIII King of Ireland, all lands have to be surrendered to him and regranted if applicable and/or convenient.
1557 1558
  • Elizabeth I takes the throne and starts ambitious reformation and reorganization schemes in Ireland.
  • She also supports widespread settlement of English and Scottish colonists on the island.
  • Private colonization of Ireland is stopped, government-sponsored colonization continues.
1579 to 1607
  • Widespread and initially successful Irish rebellions. A Spanish army lands at Kinsale in 1601 (but is soon defeated).
  • After the succession of James I to the English throne (1601), the surrender of the main rebels (1603) and the "Flight of the Earls" (1607) Ireland is under James' control.
  • Remnants of the "Spanish Armada" wrecked on Irish coasts.
1592 1608
  • Plantation of Derry starts new wave of enforced colonization.
1641 to 1658
  • A Catholic rebellion, the English Civil War and the bloody re-conquest of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell leads to further colonization and ethnic cleansing: "To Hell or to Connacht!"
Irish history can be complicated, but there are some key dates and events that every visitor should be aware of. Look back on 10,000 years from the prehistoric first appearance of mankind on the Emerald Isle via St. Patrick's mission to the ongoing peace process.

Irish History - A Short Timeline

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