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Irish Jubilees in 2013

Noteworthy Events That Shaped Ireland


Jubilees in 2013 that concern Ireland? Well, a quick trawl through the history books brings up a lot of trouble and strife, but also Jonathan Swift. Moving swiftly on, here are the events that you might like to remember this year:

25 Years Ago in Ireland - 1988

Dublin's Millennium ... the city celebrates 1000 years and the statue of Ana Livia is erected in O'Connell Street. Nicknamed "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi" (or "The Hoor in the Sewer") it has long since been dismantled and after several years in storage re-erected near Collins Barracks. Minus its foundation, which makes the former leisurely reclining river goddess seem to do Pilates in a pond ...

The soccer squad of the Republic of Ireland reaches the finals of the European Championship (held in Germany) and even beats the English team. Christie Moore immortalises the saga in song.

50 Years Ago in Ireland - 1963

The Kennedy Visit - US President John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic Irish-American to hold this office, visits Ireland. Starting a tradition of genealogical research in search of the elusive Irish Vote.

100 Years Ago in Ireland - 1913

The Third Home Rule Bill is carried through the British House of Commons, but defeated in the House of Lords.

The Ulster Volunteer Force, dedicated to defend the status quo in the Irish North by all means necessary, is formed. A provisional Ulster government is formed under the leadership of Edward Carson and a League for the Support of Ulster springs up in Great Britain.

The Irish Volunteers are formed, dedicated to create and defend a nation state.

After redundancies, a general strike and a following lock-out unrest sweeps through Dublin. Riots follow, union leaderds like Jim Larkin and James Connolly are arrested and the British trade unions send food supplies to Irish workers. An armed self-defence organisation, the Irish Citizens Army, is created by trade unions in the aftermath.

150 Years Ago in Ireland - 1863

All eyes are on Northern America this year ... during the Battle of Gettysburg, the Irish Brigade suffers huge casualties. During the "Draft Riots" that turned New York into a war zone, thousands Irish immigrants fought against the authorities.

200 Years Ago in Ireland - 1813

A jubilee not to be proud of ... the celebration of the Battle of the Boyne on July 12th spraks of the first large-scale sectarian riots in Belfast.

Grattan's Relief Bill is defeated by a narrow majority in the British parliament.

250 Years Ago in Ireland - 1763

In Ulster, the "Whiteboys" (initially an agrarian movement in Munster) become active.

"The Freeman's Journal" is published for the first time.

300 Years Ago in Ireland - 1713

Jonathan Swift is made Dean of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.

400 Years Ago in Ireland - 1613

King James I and VI calls a Parliament in Dublin and both the cities of Londonderry and Belfast receive charters. In a parallel move, the first national convocation of the Church of Ireland is held in Dublin.

500 Years Ago in Ireland - 1513

Garret, Great Earl of Kildare, dies form gunshot wounds ... lamented in the Annals of Connacht as the "best and foremost of all the Galls that had ever risen to power, renown and dignity". Irish rebels against the English crown might have composed other epitaphs ...

800 Years Ago in Ireland - 1213

English King John ("Lackland", the brother of Richard the Lionhearted and major villain in any Robin Hood movie) submits to the authority of Pope Innocent III. His reward are the Papal fiefdoms of both England and Ireland. The pope did not ask the Irish for their opinion (or the English, for that matter).

1000 Years Ago in Ireland - 1013

A family feud explodes out of all proportions ... High King Brian Boru's estranged wife Gormflath manages to convince her brother, King Maelmora of Leinster, and the Viking King Sitric of Dublin to march against her husband.

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