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Ireland in November

Events, Holidays and Other Highlights During November in Ireland


November in Ireland - Your Goose is Cooked at Martinmas

November in Ireland - Your Goose is Cooked at Martinmas

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A quick note before we start with the dark and dreary November in Ireland - this is a listing of the events, holidays and other remarkable, calendar-related things that come up every year. A general introduction to the Irish month of November, so to say.

The listings will be added to over time, with links to related content, so see it very much as a work in progress.

If you think that an event or date merits inclusion here (not one-off events, please, only well-established and regular ones), do not hesitate to drop me a line ...

Public Holidays

November in the Irish Calendar

  • November 5th - Guy Fawkes Night (rarely celebrated even in Unionist communities).
  • Remembrance Sunday is held on the Sunday nearest to November 11th - mainly in Northern Ireland.
  • November 11th - Saint Martin's Day or Martinmas, an almost forgotten celebration.
  • The first Advent Sunday may fall in late November, heralding Christmas.

Regular November Events in Ireland

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