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Top Nightspots in Dublin

Spending the Night in Dublin ... Partying


Dublin is a "Party Town", once even known as Europe's Number One in this regard - though this ranking has been made less secure by upcoming cities in Eastern Europe. Be that as it may, there is no shortage of nightspots in Dublin. If you want to party, you will! Some venues might be uninspiring affairs dominated by indiscriminate chart music and a drunken crowd - but sticking with our choice of the top places will avoid these.

1. POD

Opened in 1993 and considered one of Dublin's first real "clubs" in the modern sense of the word, the POD is actually in the vaults of an old historic railway station on Harcourt Street. Part of a whole group of venues including Redbox, Crawdaddy and the Lobby Bar ... with usually something on offer for every nightbird.

2. Club M

Located in Cope Street, part of the Temple Bar District, this club on two levels is never short of visitors. The management insists on "stylish" dress and will refuse entry to drunk visitors.

3. Ri-Ra

Jazz, funk, techno, snappy dressing and a central location in Dame Court (South Georges Street) are a ticket for success. The "Strictly Handbag" Mondays are a Dublin institution

4. The Gaiety Theatre

The plushy theatre near St Stephen's Green seems an unlikely nightspot - until you see the crowds gathering on Fridays and Saturdays! Salsa, reggae and funk are on offer, as well as klezmer and indie bands.

5. Lillie's Bordello

Dublin has no (legal) brothels, but Lillie's Bordello just off Grafton Street is an institution. Exclusive and known to attract the odd A-list celebrity as well, the private Jersey Lil's room is strictly "Platinum Members" (€ 2,000 joining fee) only. The music mix is eclectic and mainstream.

6. The Boom Boom Room

Located above Conway's Pub at 70 Parnell Street, this nightspot usually has gigs on from 9 pm. Expect the less usual as jazz, electronic avant garde and similar styles are catered for. Cutting edge and hip with a young and lively crowd.

7. The Sugar Club

Aiming to provide "the perfect night out" at 8 Lower Leeson Street (Dublin 2). Furnished with comfort and style in mind, using low lighting and generally a relaxing experience. Presents an eclectic mix of new music, cover bands and salsa (not all on the same evening).

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