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Iveagh Gardens


Iveagh Gardens

Iveagh Gardens

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In a Nutshell:

A truly hidden gem and seldom discovered by tourist and local alike - quieter than other Dublin parks, even though the Iveagh Gardens are used for more and more events recently.

Where Will I Find the Iveagh Gardens?

The Iveagh Gardens are well hidden right in the center of Dublin - even locals do not know how to find them ... or are even aware of their existence. They are just south of St. Stephen's Green and the easiest access is via Harcourt Street and the short Clonmel Street. A small sign next to a gate indicates the way.

How Do I Get to the Iveagh Gardens?

Being about three minutes wa from St. Stephen's Green they are well served by bus lines, the LUAS and tour buses.

When are the Iveagh Gardens Open?

Daylight hours.

A Short History of the Park:

Originally a private park, the by now totally enclosed land was opened to the public only fairly recently. Well cared for it sports some monumental fragments whose origins are virtually unknown.

What to Expect at the Iveagh Gardens?

A smallish, landscaped park in an enclosed area - made more interesting by some old trees, a sunken archery range, fountains and the remnants of some monumental artworks. Greek (or possible Roman) gods lurk in the foliage. None of this is truly spectacular, but the overall impression is very pleasing and the secluded nature makes the gardens ideal for a "breather". For some visitors the back of the Georgian buildings are an attraction of their own - spot multiple-level additions and typical period details.

Is the Park Secure?

Generally yes, though some people hanging around seem to have an agenda (non-aggressive) of their own

Food and Drink in the Iveagh Gardens:

None is directly available, but the surrounding area is well served by cafes, shops and restaurants.

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