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Planning an Irish Vacation

Making the most of an Irish vacation starts at home - with a little bit of planning, some preparation and some knowledge on what to expect in Ireland. Here are some articles to help you on your way.
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Ireland and the Jewish Traveller
Some hints to help Jewish travellers to Ireland to cope with a different culture ...

Ireland and the Muslim Traveller
Some hints to help Muslim travellers to Ireland to cope with a different culture ...

Irish Public Holidays Northern Ireland and the Republic
Irish public holidays can be a confusing issue indeed most travel guides and websites seem to get something wrong. This despite the fact that there are clearly defined public holidays both in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI), some but not all coinciding. This is the definitive list of public holidays.

Ireland With No Frills
The Irish themselves have become used to high prices for everything. Tourists become nearly apoplectic when working out the restaurant bill. So, is really low-budget travel to and through Ireland still possible? It is, but only if you are prepared to cut corners and do without the frills - here's how.

Foreign Embassies in Ireland
Ireland is host to a surprisingly large number of foreign embassies, from the obvious like the EU member states and the USA to the more obscure like Ethiopia. Here is a list on adresses and telephone numbers.

Irish Vacations on Four Paws
So you want to take your pet or companion animal to Ireland? Don’t - that is my short advice. Unless you are covered by the Pet Passport scheme or resident in Great Britain you practically won’t be allowed to bring a cat or dog into the country anyway.

Reasons to Choose Ireland as Your Next Destination
Just why should you choose Ireland as a holiday destination? Rain, not too tempting cuisine and high prices - this does not sound like the ideal destination, does it? But here are some reasons why you should still consider heading for Ireland.

Test-Driving Google Maps in Ireland
Google Maps gives you free satellite images of famous Irish places like Tara, Glendalough and Clonmacnoise. Great fun - but a useful tool for the tourist? I took Google Maps for a test drive in Ireland ...

Churches and Religions in Ireland
While some travelers confine their religious practice to a private space, others will actively seek out the local community to join in communal worship. Which might proof problematic.

Don'ts of Ireland - What to Avoid if You Don’t Want to Run into Trouble
Things to avoid ehrn travelling through Ireland - in order to really enjoy your Irish vacation.

Free Attractions in Ireland
Ireland tends to be one of the more expensive European destinations. Traveling on a shoestring seems to be a thing of the past. But there are still things to be had for free - or at least for the moderate cost of getting there

Who Visits Ireland?
Ever wondered who actually visits Ireland? Here are the statistics, gleaned from publications by Filte Ireland ... just under 7,600,000 visitors are on domestic trips (Irish and Northern Irish vacationers) and just under 6,400,000 foreign visitors add to the throng.

Saint Patrick 101 - Info on Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick's Day
Everything you always wanted to know about Saint Patrick, Saint Patrick's Day and Ireland's traditions connected to her Patron Saint.

Ireland - Your Guide to the Best Attractions, Places and Activities
Even the best guidebooks to Ireland can be overwhelming. Planning a trip can become a nightmare. Here are a few lists that will give you an idea which are the most important sights and attractions.

Ireland at a Glance
You need the basic facts on Ireland at a glance? No problem - here is the most important data.

Irish Words Everybody Needs
A short introduction to the Irish words and phrases visitors are most likely to encounter.

Planning a Vacation in Ireland
Planning a vacation in Ireland doesn't have to be hard - just follow some basic advice in our list of resources on Ireland and the Irish.

Ireland's Twenty Largest Towns and Cities
Ireland's towns and even the few cities are of a comfortable size - only Dublin has more than a million inhabitants and most towns in the country resemble grown-up villages. Find out what the largest towns and cities are.

Gay Travel in Ireland
The classic picture of Ireland as a very religious and generally quite conservative country does not bode well for the gay traveller. But actually there should be no major problem for you.

Ireland in the Movies - Films with an Irish Theme to Watch
Whether you are planning a holiday or just interested in Ireland in general, movies can be a great way to explore the country from your armchair. Ireland has been a location for and the theme of countless movies. These are the best ...

Ireland and the Less Able Traveller
Discrimination on grounds of disability is expressly forbidden in Ireland. This law, however, affects mainly the workplace and has little to no bearing on the tourism industry. So how well does a less able visitor fare?

Accommodation 101 - What to Expect and What to Consider
Choosing accommodation for your stay in Ireland can be tricky. Visitors are faced with a host of options ... the choice is yours, but what should you consider? Unless you are pre-booking a tour you will have to decide how to spend your nights in Ireland. Of course a lot will depend on your budget. Let your About Guide Bernd Biege help you with...

Northern Ireland - A Dangerous Place?
Many visitors to Ireland are wary of going into the six counties of Northern Ireland. Is it still a dangerous place? Not really - if you just use common sense.

Overrated Attractions and Tourist Traps
Every country has them, those tourist traps that are more hype than substance. Or those attractions that do not seem so attractive any more close up. Ireland is no exception.

Ireland: Geography, Maps and Information
Geography and maps of the European island country of the Republic of Ireland.

Architecture in Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ancient monoliths, medieval castles, arts & crafts design, and art deco architecture all find a home in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Ireland Map - Map and Travel Information for Ireland

International Student Work Abroad in Ireland

Things You Shouldn't Leave for Ireland Without
Things to bring with you to Ireland - essential items that make travel easier and more fun.

Irish Tourist Board
Comprehensive website on all aspects of travel in Ireland.

Travel Advice from the US Department of State
Get up-to-date travel advice and travel warnings from the US Department of State.

Met Éireann - The Irish Meteorological Service
Get the current weather and forecasts for Ireland.

Tourist Information Centres in Northern Ireland
Tourist Information Centres in Northern Ireland

A list of Tourist Information Centres in Ireland
A list of Tourist Information Centres in Ireland

Google Maps in Ireland - Your Experiences
Google Maps - have you ever used it to find out more about Ireland, to plan a trip in or to Ireland? If yeas, we'd be interested to learn about...

Currency Converter on Yahoo! Finance
Find out how much your Dollar is worth in Euro or Pounds Sterling.

Cancelled Event in Ireland? Your Rights ...
Cancelled event you planned your Irish travel for? Here's what you may be able to salvage ...

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