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Churches and Religions in Ireland

Finding a Place of Worship when Traveling in Ireland


While some travelers confine their religious practice to a private space, others will actively seek out the local community to join in communal worship. Which might proof problematic. Here are some hints where to get into contact with local communities. Please note that all phone numbers are for the Republic of Ireland unless otherwise indicated.

Mainstream Christian Churches

  • Roman-Catholic Church
    The Roman-Catholic Church is the predominant religion in Ireland, mass will usually be said in every community every Sunday - with some exceptions in Northern Ireland. Contact the Catholic Communications Office for more information.
  • Church of Ireland
    The Church of Ireland is an Anglican church and represented in most communities - though mass may not be said every Sunday. Contact the Church of Ireland House directly.
  • Presbyterian Church
    This Protestant church is mainly based in Northern Ireland with scattered communities in the Republic. For some decades the church has been split into two fractions.

Other Christian Churches in Ireland

There are also a large number of Adventist and Pentecostal ministries active, most of them amongst the African immigrant population.

Churches Influenced by Christianity

Jewish Communiy

Jewish in Ireland were never very numerous and their number has been declining steadily - contact the Irish Jewish Community website for more details.

Islamic Communties

Though Ireland had no Islamic population until fairly recently, immigration has brought a sizeable number of Asian and African muslims to Ireland.

Bahá'í Faith

Contact the Bahá'í community for more information -again, immigration has led to a sizeable number of followers now living in Ireland.

Eastern Religions

Apologies for lumping all these together under one heading - they are, however, still fringe religions, despite a large influx of Indian and Chinese immigrants.

Wicca and Pagan Religions

Persistent rumours regarding the existence of Santeria or Voodoo groups could not be verified.

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