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Planning a Vacation in Ireland


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Ireland - Getting There and Getting Around
aer lingus plane heading to dublin airport - ireland
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Getting there should be your first consideration when planning a vacation in Ireland - unless you are traveling from the UK or mainland Europe air travel is the only sensible way to go. You will get more information on our specialized pages:

Ireland's three carriers offer a number of possibilities, with Aer Lingus currently operating the only long-haul flights.

A rental car is, outside of Dublin, the best way to explore Ireland. It not only gives you the most convenient means to get to any attractions, it also allows you to draw up your own route. Driving "on the wrong side" is not such a big problem as it sounds.

In Dublin public transport is well developed and will meet the needs of any visitors. As it is also considerably faster and cheaper than using a car it should be first choice. Outside the Dublin area, however, trains and buses can be few and far between.

But you may also want to experience Ireland at your own pace - both cycling and walking vacations are very popular. Either following your own agenda or joining an organized tour.

Now you should look for accommodation in Ireland ...

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