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What to Do in Ireland - Places and Events


Where should you go, what should you see, which events are on? Questions that will influence your trip planning ... unless you "plan" to go wherever the next road takes you to. Find out more about Dublin, the provinces of Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster and the wide variety Ireland has to offer the visitor.
  1. The Best of Ireland - Sights You Must Not Miss
  2. Dublin - Ireland's Capital
  3. The Province of Leinster
  4. The Province of Munster
  1. The Province of Connacht
  2. The Province of Ulster
  3. Festivals and Events in Ireland

The Best of Ireland - Sights You Must Not Miss

Glendalough Round Tower (County Wicklow)

Even the best guidebooks to Ireland can be overwhelming - the amount of sights and attractions to be found on this comparatively small island seems immense. Indeed you cannot throw a pebble without hitting an ancient monument in most areas. Planning a trip can become a nightmare. I have tried to take the pain out of the decision process for you.

Dublin - Ireland's Capital

The O'Connell Monument

Dublin - normally this stands for Dublin City, but actually a whole county bears this name. And while the city itself is the most-visited location in Ireland, the outskirts and neighboring areas are well worth a look. Here is some information on visiting and enjoying Dublin's Fair City and the County surrounding it.

The Province of Leinster

Trim Castle (County Meath)

Leinster tends to be dominated by Dublin City, but the capital city is just part of the historic province. Here the visitor will also find the ancient monuments of Newgrange and Knowth, the royal seat on the Hill of Tara, the site of the Battle of the Boyne and the monastic site of Glendalough.

The Province of Munster

Ring of Kerry

Munster is the southwestern province of Ireland, reaching out into the Atlantic. Here some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery can be found, along with subtropical gardens and rugged mountains. Exploring Munster and the City of Cork is a must for visitors. Several coastal tour routes are clearly marked. Especially the Ring of Kerry, the less known Ring of Beara and the short Slea Head Drive will take you to some of the most stunning and historic places in Ireland.

The Province of Connacht

Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery (County Sligo)

"To Hell or to Connacht" was Cromwell's alternative for the Irish. Experiencing the natural beauty of the Irish west today one can hardly imagine this to be a harsh treatment. From the bustling university city of Galway to the bleak Burren, from Achill Island to the Shannon, Connacht is one of the most unspoilt areas of Ireland. Visitors can still sleep in traditional cottages with a view of the Atlantic - but with all modern conveniences and a good infrastructure.

The Province of Ulster

County Down - Scrabo Tower

Belfast and the Province of Ulster are plagued by misconceptions. Many visitors deem this part of Ireland to be unsafe due to the "Troubles". The nine Ulster counties, three of which are actually in the Republic of Ireland, are well worth a visit. And travelling is as safe there as in any other part of Ireland. In fact crossing from the Republic into Northern Ireland is hardly noticeable.

Festivals and Events in Ireland

Saint Patrick Parade

Ireland is not a dusty museum, Ireland is alive. So much alive that you will be hard pressed to decide between the numerous fairs, festivals, pageants and patterns on offer especially during the summer months. From matchmaking in Lisdoonvarna to bluegrass music in Omagh, Ireland will have something for you! The ancient "pattern days", during which the local patron saint is honored, are still observed. But modern additions like Dublin's St. Patrick Festival tend to steal the limelight for the casual observer.

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