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Shopping In Ireland

You can actually shop until you drop in Ireland - rural arts and crafts centers will entice you to spend some money, so will some of the largest and most modern malls in Europe! Find out where to shop, what to look out for and how to strike a bargain. Be it typical souvenirs or the latest European fashions.

Ireland ... Open for Business?
A guide to Irish opening hours - when you can find the doors of banks, businesses, pubs and attractions in Ireland open.

Irish Whiskey as a Souvenir
Irish Whiskey as a souvenir? Certainly, why not ... actually it comes highly recommended. But a recent reader’s question cuts to the chase: “My fiancee and I are visiting Ireland on our honeymoon and wanted to bring home a bottle of whiskey for her father. Is it as simple as packing it well and putting it in check luggage or is it more complicated?“ Well, yes and yes. Here’s the lowdown on taking Irish Whiskey home as a souvenir.

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (Dublin 15)
If you are looking for a place to do all your shopping in one go, Blanchardstown is the place to head for. Shops range from cut-price "Tommy's Wonderland" to exclusive BT2 and cater for the whole family. Services ranging from hairdressers to a medical center are available and even grocery shopping at a competitive price is possible.

George Street Arcade (off George Street, Dublin)
Dublin's George Street Arcade houses a colorful indoor market that will attack all senses - from the smell of Greek olives to the bright colors of Nepalese throws.

Jervis Centre (Jervis Street, Dublin)
The Jervis Centre is a redeveloped site in the middle of Dublin, preserving some old architecture but looking thoroughly modern on the inside. Most shops are located around a central courtyard, covered with a glass dome.

Kildare Village Outlet Shopping (County Kildare)
This is Ireland's take on the outlet "bargain" mall - a grouping of brand-name stores designed to convey a "village setting". Not necessarily the cheapest prices in town ...

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre (Quarryvale, Dublin)
The Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in West Dublin is amongst the largest shopping malls in Ireland, part of a sprawling development in the Quarryvale area. Conveniently situated right next to the junction of the M50 and the N4 and providing ample free parking it is a popular shopping destination.

Moore Street Market (Dublin)
If you are planning to visit something "typical Dublin" you cannot go wrong with Moore Street - from Monday to Saturday dozens of traders set up their stalls, many of them specializing in fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Powerscourt Town House (off Grafton Street, Dublin)
Powerscourt Town House is Dublin's strangest shopping mall. Created by combining old buildings and a (glass-covered) backyard area it defies all attempts at description and has to be seen.

St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre (St. Stephen's Green, Dublin)
The St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre at the top of Grafton Street was the first modern shopping mall constructed in Ireland.

Souvenirs to Bring Home
What to bring home from Ireland? The choices are endless and confusing, but there are some things that are "typically Irish" and worth bringing home with you.

Ireland's Sizes, Weights and Measures - Some Handy Conversion Tables
Buying clothes or shoes in Ireland can be a problem, just like working out distances or measurements. Here are some quick hints on converting Irish weights and measures into European or US standards.

Irish Value Added Tax Refund - How to Shop Cheaper in Ireland
Most goods in Ireland carry a hefty surcharge of 21% Value Added Tax (VAT). Thus goods that would be actually priced at 100 will cost you 121. Or, to reverse the process, without the added VAT a 100 souvenir would only set you back by 82.64.

One of Dublin's leading department stores, located in Henry Street.

Brown Thomas
One of Dublin's leading department stores, located in Grafton Street.

One of Dublin's leading department stores, located on O'Connell Street.

Dundrum Town Centre Website
Official website of the newest and one of the largest malls in Ireland, located in South Dublin.

Magee in Donegal
The tweed- and linen-lover's heaven - the Donegal Town shop is Magee's largest outlet.

Rathdowney Shopping Outlet
Major shopping complex in Rathdowney, County Offaly.

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