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George Street Arcade (off George Street, Dublin)

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george street arcade dublin

Brickwork to feast your eyes upon - the entrance to the George Street Arcade.

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The Bottom Line

The George Street Arcade houses a colorful indoor market that will attack all senses - from the smell of Greek olives to the bright colors of Nepalese throws. It also is the only place in Dublin where you can get a quick piercing while admiring prints of the Easter rebellion heroes. The arcade has a definite bohemian and slightly alternative atmosphere. And it can provide unusual souvenirs, rare collectibles, kitsch and a good snack.


  • Colorful mixture of stalls and shops, many unusual products.
  • Many "alternative" touches.
  • Usually good selection of mediterranean and organic food on offer.


  • Opening times of individual stalls and shops can be erratic.


  • Victorian arcade branching off George Street.
  • Additional, semi-permanent stalls in the middle of the arcade add to product variety.
  • Convenient city-center location just a few minutes from Grafton Street.

Guide Review - George Street Arcade (off George Street, Dublin)

While the "exact" trading times of the individual stalls and shops are sometimes erratic, you will usually find business in full swing in the afternoons or on Saturdays. Located between the castle area and Grafton Street right in the center of Dublin, the arcade branching off George Street is a magnet both for locals and (to a lesser extent) tourists.

On a typical day you can expect to shop for

  • Asian fashion and other cloth items (throws, rugs, bags) ;
  • Second-hand fashion;
  • Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food and spices;
  • Organic produce;
  • Collectibles (stamps, coins, prints) ;
  • Antiquarian books;
  • Costume jewelry;
  • Body jewelry;
  • Records and CDs.

A visit to the George Street Arcade is recommended to anybody who enjoys markets - if you are looking for a standard shopping experience with "basics" on offer you are wrong here.

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