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Top 10 Souvenirs to Bring Home


What to bring home from Ireland? The choices are endless and confusing, but there are some things that are "typically Irish" and worth bringing home with you. Be on the lookout for them - and save some money by asking for a tax refund.

1. Aran Sweaters

Aran Knit Background
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The traditional knitwear from the Aran Islands, once handmade by fishermen and having "family patterns". To identify the washed-up bodies of the drowned, so the legend goes. Available nearly everywhere in Ireland in natural wool and even synthetics. Choose a white or off-white sweater, not one of the garish colored ones.

2. Crystal

Irish crystal for many people is synonymous with Waterford Crystal - but there are many more factories and craft outlets producing their own wares. These are not of a lesser quality.

3. Tweeds

Tweed clothing in all forms and sizes is an investment - you will have years to enjoy the garments and they never go out of style. Again available in most stores and from a variety of manufacturers. Men should get at least a tweed cap for those rainy days on the golf links.

4. Linen

The linen industry is especially strong in Northern Ireland and you will find factory outlets, craft stores and designer outlets selling everything from tea towels to "grandfather shirts". Invest in a long nightshirt with matching cap if you dare!

5. Parian China

Visit the Belleek Pottery and splash out on a whole set. Or shop in any major tourist outlet for single pieces with a sentimental value. Irish china has come a long way from the "rustic tea mug" stage, though the latter are available as well.

6. Whiskey and Other Spirits

Irish whiskey is available in all price categories and qualities - if you are not keen on one special whiskey you should try to find a shop where you can actually sample the produce. Or buy direct from the distillery, for example in Bushmills. Do not shun the sweet liqueurs made with whiskey and/or cream.

7. Fishing Tackle

Even if you are not planning to rip a fish out of his native element go and have a look at the angling stores. Colorful, handmade flies for fly-fishing can be quiet a conversation piece if displayed at home.

8. Irish Music and DVDs

Though a fair amount of Irish music is available everywhere in the world (and more via the Internet) you may find hidden gems in Irish shops. Ask for local artists and you might even get home-produced CDs. If you are planning on buying DVDs be sure to check that these will be compatible with Regions 0 (worldwide) or 1 (USA and Canada) and the NTSC standard.

9. Smoked Salmon

A culinary treat best bought at the airport to keep the fish fresh. Though not a long-term souvenir it is certainly worth considering.

10. And Finally ... A Piece of the Auld Sod!

You can actually get pieces of turf to burn at home, pre-packed for your convenience and transatlantic shipment - look beside the shamrock seeds in souvenir stores. If you do not have an open fire a miniature porcelain cottage with special turf pellets might be an alternative. You light the pellet and it lets off smoke through the cottage's tiny chimney. Corny, but also very popular.

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