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Irish Vacations with a Twist

Luxury travel in Ireland? Possible. Budget travel in Ireland? Not unknown. Pursuing your own special interests on an Irish vacation? Totally ... here are some indeas, hints and recommendations.
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Railfan Travel in Ireland
Travelling as a railway enthusiast in Ireland - a short guide to museums and preserved Irish lines.

Royal Sites in Ireland
Palaces? Not really, except with a lot of imagination and some re-imagining. But worth a visit anyway!

JFK-Places in Ireland
Ireland in the footsteps of US President John F. Kennedy - memories of his 1963 visit.

The Wicklow Way
The Wicklow Way is one of the best-known and most popular waymarked routes in Ireland – right outside Dublin and leading through an astonishing landscape with lush woods, waterfalls and high, windswept bogs.

Ulster Way
The Ulster Way is the most challenging if Ireland's way-marked routes - it explores the Northwest on no less than 1000 kilometres of tracks, ways and roads. Here is a general overview of the route.

Irish Fortifications You Should Not Miss
Irelands history could be termed "troubled" at the best of times - unrest from within and the threat of invasion were always there. Keeping the peace was not helped by the fact that most natives wanted the peacekeepers out and actively supported invaders at the drop of a hat. Hence a number of interesting fortifications that still dot the...

Irish Castles You Should Not Miss
You will find castles in Ireland - many in a state of disrepair, but impressive still. Some heavily (and often heavyhandedly) converted to more luxurious dwellings. And some even in official use today. Go and visit, Irish castles can make a vacation a truly historic trip.

Irish Nudism
Going naked in Ireland? Not really done, at least not in an obvious way ...

The Knights Templar in Ireland
On Friday, the 13th of October, 1307, French men-at-arms took the Knights Templar of Paris into custody. It was the start of the end for the "warrior monks". Soon after the events in Paris the Templars in Ireland were also arrested under suspicion of heresy. Their empire crumbled - but are there still traces to be found on Irish soil? A few ... if you know where to look!

Saints of Ireland
Ireland has long been known as the island of saints and scholars - and it has even been suggested that it was the Irish that saved civilization when Rome crumbled. And while most of the Irish saints were never canonized and are barely remembered, some even today manage to stick out.

Megalithic and Prehistoric Sites of Ireland
Many visitors to Ireland are drawn towards the megalithic and prehistoric monuments on the island. Built a few thousand years ago by persons unknown with an intention we know nothing of they still hold a certain fascination today. Be it because of the sheer impact of the building works necessary or the (supposed) mystical background. But what actually are the best monuments to visit?

What are the Geographical Extremes of Ireland?
Some people like to go to the ends of the world. Find the geographical extremes of Ireland and try to cover them all.

Valentine's Day Activities in Ireland - How to Say "Be my Irish Valentine"
Ireland offers some unique ways to say "Be my Valentine" and maybe to pop the question. Here are some suggestions for that special Valentine's Day in Ireland.

Romantic Days in Ireland - How to Say "I Love You" in a Unique Irish Setting
Ireland offers some unique ways to say "I Love You" and maybe to pop the question. Here are some suggestions for that extra-special day in Ireland.

Ireland on Two Pedal-Driven Wheels
Cycling through Ireland can be a rewarding alternative for anyone moderately fit and with a willingness to invest their own muscle-power into getting from A to B. It is, however, not as idyllic as described in many brochures - Ireland has changed immensely in the last few years.

Hiking in Ireland - Walking the Irish Walk
Hiking through Ireland can be a rewarding alternative for anyone moderately fit and with a willingness to invest their own muscle-power into getting from A to B. Several way-marked routes are available for long-distance hikes and shorter routes are identified locally.

Spectator Sports in Ireland
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do! And one thing the Irish are certainly fond of are sports. At least in the role of a spectator. Here are the ten most popular spectator sports:

Gaelic Football - An Introduction
Forget Beckham, forget the Superbowl ... for any true-blooded Irishman football is nothing but Gaelic Football. Often compared to Association Football (or "soccer" to you and me) or to Rugby. But maybe the origin of both these sports.

Hurling and Camogie - An Introduction
Hurling is regarded as one of the fastest ball-games in the world - and to the uninitiated a first encounter may also beckon forth the attributes "chaotic" and "brutal". Sometimes hurling is confused with hockey. At least until the game starts ...

Handball - An Introduction
Handball may be the strangest Gaelic Game and is not really a big hit with the crowds. A friend of mine once described it as "squash without rackets". He was basically right ...

Zoos and Wildlife Parks of Ireland
Three major zoos and wildlife parks are open to the public in Ireland. The zoos in Dublin and Belfast and the extensive park in Fota are home to a variety of species. From big cats to small monkeys, from colorful exotic waterfowl to large South-American rodents, from the common to the unusual. And with some surprises thrown in.

Irish Golf Courses
Ireland - a golfer's paradise, but with changing weather and strong winds on challenging courses.

In Patrick's Footsteps
Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is commonly known as the man who in 432 singlehandedly brought Christianity to the Irish and drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. While both these claims are suspect, the historical Patrick seems to have been a very successful missionary in the northern part of Ireland. A tour in his footsteps makes an...

Movie Locations in Ireland
Ireland has long been a country where cinemas were an important part of popular culture - indeed the Irish are regarded as some of the most enthusiastic cineasts of Europe. But Ireland has also a tradition of film production. Many major movies were filmed here, find the places where this happened ...

The Cinematic Drives of Wicklow
Any drive through the Wicklow Mountains never fails to impress, but how doe the thematic "Movie Drives" fare? Landscapes can be seen in movies like "Excalibur", "Michael Collins" and "Braveheart". But is it worth taking the drive if you are a fan of these blockbusters?

Churches to Visit in Ireland
Ireland, known as the island of saints and scholars, is dotted with church buildings - from small, early medieval oratories to Byzantine extravaganzas. Here are ten churches I would recommend for a visit and which would give you a fair impression of the different styles.

Reaching out to the Heavens - The Round Towers of Ireland
The round towers are a unique Irish form of architecture - and have been puzzling antiquarians for centuries. See some of the remaining towers in a gallery put together by your About Guide Bernd Biege.

Slices of America ... the Irish and the American Experience
Exploring some (mainly US)-American history while visiting Ireland.

Irish Hauntings

Irish hauntings tend to be seen as being a bit whimsical, from Hollywood movies depicting the Irish afterlife (like "High Spirits" and "Darby O'Gill") to Oscar Wilde's very own Canterville ghost. And it is also said that where other countries have ghosts and ghouls, the Irish have fairies. The

Irish X-Files
Irish X-files are a non-starter if you trust TV shows - neither Mulder nor Scully ever hopped over the ocean into the "old country", to confront banshees, ghosts and aliens. But maybe they should have? There is more to Ireland than meets the eye of the sceptic beholder. And if you do not fancy the idea of spending a night in a haunted room,...

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