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What are the Geographical Extremes of Ireland?

How to Reach the Ends of the World in Ireland


End of the world ...?

End of the world ...? Not quite, but Poolbeg Lighthouse might look like it.

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It has become more and more popular trying to reach specific geographical points while travelling. Climbing the highest peaks is a well-known example. For anyone interested in doing this, here are Ireland's geographical extremes:


Ireland's Extreme Points (Mainland)

  • Northernmost point - Banba's Crown near Malin Head on the Inishowen Peninsula (County Donegal).
  • Easternmost point - Burr Point on the Ards Peninsula (County Down), the easternmost point of the Republic is Wicklow Head (County Wicklow).
  • Southernmost point - Brow Head (County Cork).
  • Westernmost point - Dunmore Head on the Dingle Peninsula (County Kerry).
Mizen Head (County Cork) has tried to attract visitors by referring to the lighthouse as being at the "most south-western point in Ireland" - a somehow arbitrary designation.



Ireland's Extreme Points (Islands Included)

  • Northernmost point - Inishtrahull Island (County Donegal).
  • Easternmost point - Canon Rock off the Ards Peninsula (County Down), the easternmost point of the Republic is Lambay Island (County Dublin).
  • Southernmost point - Fastnet Rock (County Cork).
  • Westernmost point - Tearaght Island (County Kerry).
Note that this list does not include Rockall (see below)!



Ireland's Highest Mountains

  • Carrauntoohil - 3,409 feet.
  • Beenkeragh - 3,314 feet.
  • Caher - 3,284 feet.
  • Cnoc na Péiste - 3,242 feet.
  • Caher West Top - 3,199 feet.
Note that all these mountains are part of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks (County Kerry).



Ireland's Lowest Landmass


Unlike many other countries, Ireland has no landmass below sea level. The lowest points are therefore on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.


A Note Regarding Rockall


In theory the tiny "island" of Rockall would be both the northernmost and westernmost point of Ireland - but as Rockall is nothing more than a bleak rock in the middle of nowhere it should be disregarded.

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