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Movie Locations in Ireland

From "Braveheart" to "Moby Dick" via "The Quiet Man"


Dublin - Trinity College

Trinity College in Dublin - Standing in as an English University in "Educating Rita"

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Ireland has long been a country where cinemas were an important part of popular culture - indeed the Irish are regarded as some of the most enthusiastic cineasts of Europe. But Ireland has also a tradition of film production. Many major movies were filmed here, with the Emerald Isle doubling as anything from Roman Britain to post-apocalyptic Northern England. And Dublin standing in for London, Boston and even Berlin! Here are some of the places you might have seen before:

Aran Islands (County Clare)
  • "Man of Aran" - the 1934 "documentary" has some unhistorical, staged scenes.
  • "Father Ted" - the aerial view of "Craggy Island".
Avoca (County Wicklow)
  • "Ballykissangel" - a hugely successful BBC TV series.
  • "Give my Head Peace" - in one episode of this satirical sitcom Orangemen march through Ballykissangel.
Ballymun (Dublin)
  • "Into the West"
Bettystown (County Meath)
  • "The Crying Game" - the carnival scene.
Bray (County Wicklow)
  • "My Left Foot"
Cong (County Mayo)
  • "The Quiet Man"
Cahir Castle (County Tipperary)
  • "Barry Lyndon"
  • "Excalibur" - the opening scenes.
Castletownsend (County Cork)
  • "War of the Buttons"
Cliffs of Moher (County Clare)
  • "Hear My Song"
Clogherhead (County Louth)
  • "The Devil's Own"
Clones (County Monaghan)
  • "The Butcher Boy"
Cork City (County Cork)
  • "Angela's Ashes"
Curracloe Beach (County Wexford)
  • "Saving Private Ryan" - actors and the Irish Army starred as invasion forces on D-Day.
Derrynane (County Kerry)
  • "Excalibur"
Dromore Castle (County Limerick)
  • "High Spirits" - as the fictional "Castle Plunkett".
Dublin (just a selection)
  • "The Commitments"
  • "The General"
  • "Michael Collins"
  • "Tara Road" - standing in for New York at times.
  • "Veronica Guerin"
  • Jackie Chan's "The Medaillon"
  • "The Tudors" (TV drama)
Dún Chaoin or Dunquin (County Kerry)
  • "Far and Away"
  • "Ryan's Daughter" - the village in the film was a purpose-built set!
Galway City (County Galway)
  • "Black Narcissus" (1947)
  • "The Mackintosh Man"
Inishoge (County Kilkenny)
  • "Circle of Friends"
Huntingdon Castle (County Carlow)
  • "Barry Lyndon"
Kilmainham Gaol (Dublin)
  • "The Italian Job" - Noel Coward's "home away from home" in the original movie.
Kilpedder (County Wicklow)
  • "The Blue Max" - the planes were flown by pilots of the Irish Air Corps.
Kilruddery House (County Wicklow)
  • "Far and Away
  • "My Left Foot"
Leenane (County Galway)
  • "The Field"
Leixlip (County Kildare)
  • "The Blue Max" - the planes were flown by pilots of the Irish Air Corps.
Limerick City (County Limerick)
  • "Angela's Ashes"
Newbridge (County Kildare)
  • "Cal"
Powerscourt Estate (County Wicklow)
  • "Henry V" - representing Agincourt in Laurence Olivier's 1944 movie version.
Redhills (County Cavan)
  • "The Playboys"
Rock of Cashel (County Tipperary)
  • "Excalibur"
Roundstone (County Galway)
  • "The Matchmaker"
Smithfield Market (Dublin)
  • "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold" - standing in for Berlin with a replica of Checkpoint Charlie.
Temple Bar (Dublin)
  • "Far and Away" - representing Boston.
Trim (County Meath)
  • "Braveheart" - Trim Castle stands in for Carlisle.
  • "Captain Lightfoot"
Trinity College (Dublin)
  • "Educating Rita" - as a "typical English university" nonetheless.
Union Hall (County Cork)
  • "War of the Buttons"
Wicklow Mountains (County Wicklow)
  • "Braveheart"
  • "Excalibur"
  • "Into the West"
  • "King Arthur" - a stretch of Hadrian's Wall was built for this movie.
  • "Lassie" (2005)
  • "Michael Collins" - the Wicklows are standing in for Cork.
  • "Reign of Fire"
  • "Zardoz"
Youghal (County Cork)
  • "Moby Dick" (John Huston, 1956) - standing in as New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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