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Touring Ireland

Touring in Ireland is more than getting from A to B - you are never far from an ancient monument, a historic site or unique landscapes. Pick a tour that will accommodate your interests, take your time and above all be prepared for short excursions en route. Trying to see "everything" will not succeed, but with a bit of planning Ireland's most important sights and places are well within the reach of the average visitor.
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Ireland for Kids
Making an Irish vacation exciting for children can be a major task - but Ireland has a lot to offer for the younger visitor.

Toll Roads and Charges in Ireland
Irish road tolls - where and how much to pay.

Signature Buildings of Ireland
Irish architecture in focus - what buildings would "define" Ireland?

The Seven Natural Wonders of Ireland
Before Ireland had any man-made wonders, Mother Nature (or maybe a higher being) created her natural wonders. Of which there are many more than seven. But as seven is the classic number, here they are ...

Gipsy Caravans in Ireland
Gipsy caravans in brochures look like a treat – and promise a „traditional way“ to enjoy a holiday in Ireland. In unspoiled landscapes at a leisurely place, as near to nature as you can get and with the carbon footprint of a mosquito. Which all sounds very nice. But is it really worth it? Let's take a closer look ..

Irish Monasteries You Should Not Miss
When Saint Patrick introduced Christianity to the Irish, he often founded a monastery to keep the flame alive. And from 432 to the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII monasticism flourished in Ireland. First in a specific "Celtic" way, later spearheaded by the European orders. Ruins and remains of monasteries still are numerous in...

The Seven Man-Made Wonders of Ireland
Ireland has some man-made wonders in addition to its natural wonders - some ancient, some medieval and some quite modern.

Irish Oddities
Ireland is full of oddities - from the quaint habit of allowing people to drive after they have failed their driving test (just scrapped in late 2007) to saying things twice for emphasis, "to be shure to be shure". Some of these oddities will be noticed by visitors. Others will be obvious. And some Irish oddities should be actively sought out....

Tours of Dublin
When visiting Dublin you have several methods to explore the city at your disposal. The best way to get to know Dublin without too much hassle and with a knowledgeable commentary thrown in is a tour. You actually have a choice of several.

Driving Tips for Ireland
Driving a (rental) car in Ireland does not need to be difficult or even dangerous - as long as you stick to the rules of the road and some basic advice. Let your About Guide Bernd Biege show you how to enjoy a driving holiday in Ireland without any hassle.

Renting a Car in Ireland - What to Consider
Renting a car in Ireland for a week or two is no problem - thanks to the Internet it can be done from the comfort of your home and within minutes. But actually getting the right car for your needs can be difficult. Be aware of what to look out for when planning a touring vacation in Ireland.

Around Ireland Without a Car
Ireland without a car? Possible, but maybe not too convenient and fast.

Ireland's Top Ten Sights - Picking the Best of the Best
What to visit in Ireland? Your About Guide to Ireland, Bernd Biege, picks the Top Ten Sights for you, places you should not miss.

Overrated Attractions and Tourist Traps
Every country has them, those tourist traps that are more hype than substance. Or those attractions that do not seem so attractive any more close up. Ireland is no exception.

Festivals in Ireland
Ireland has literally hundreds of festivals, but where should a visitor go? Find out more about the best festivals in Ireland.

The Best of Ireland in Two Weeks
A tour of Ireland - Dublin, the West and the South-West in two weeks. Twelve days in Ireland plus one or two days for getting there will give you a good idea of the magic to be found on the "Emerald Isle".

Touring Northern Ireland in a Week
Why not explore Northern Ireland for a change? Seven days are enough to get there, to see a representative selection of attractions and landscapes and to still have time to relax and enjoy.

Touring in Saint Patrick's Footsteps
Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is commonly known as the man who in 432 singlehandedly brought Christianity to the Irish and drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. While both these claims are suspect, the historical Patrick seems to have been a very successful missionary in the northern part of Ireland. A tour in his footsteps makes an...

Touring Lough Erne by Car
Lough Erne has long been a favorite with people taking a cruising holiday on Ireland's inland waterways, but even if you do not want to ride the waves, a tour of this Northern Ireland lake is well worth the time and effort. Depending on how many detours you want to take or attractions you want to enjoy this might be a day tour or keep you busy...

The Cinematic Drives of Wicklow
Any drive through the Wicklow Mountains never fails to impress, but how doe the thematic "Movie Drives" fare? Landscapes can be seen in movies like "Excalibur", "Michael Collins" and "Braveheart". But is it worth taking the drive if you are a fan of these blockbusters?

Sights and Attractions of Northern Ireland
An image gallery of sights and attractions in Northern Ireland - from the Giant's Causeway to Bogsite Murals, from cathedrals to steam railways.

Accommodation 101 - What to Expect and What to Consider
Choosing accommodation for your stay in Ireland can be tricky. Visitors are faced with a host of options ... the choice is yours, but what should you consider? Unless you are pre-booking a tour you will have to decide how to spend your nights in Ireland. Of course a lot will depend on your budget. Let your About Guide Bernd Biege help you with...

Northern Ireland - A Dangerous Place?
Many visitors to Ireland are wary of going into the six counties of Northern Ireland. Is it still a dangerous place? Not really - if you just use common sense.

Automobile Association Route Planner
A web-based and constantly updated planning tool free from the Automobile Association (AA).

Inland Waterways - Service for Boat Enthusiasts Touring Ireland
Inland waterways services are to be found along the main tourist routes on the Shannon, Lough Erne and the canals - but where and who? Here is a rundown of relevant links you might find useful when touring Ireland's inland waterways on a boat.

Ireland in a Camper-Van
Your own four wheel and your own bed - Ireland in a camper-van.

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