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Touring Lough Erne by Car


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Lower Lough Erne - A General Introduction
Cruising on the Erne

Cruising on the Erne

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Lough Erne has long been a favorite with people taking a cruising holiday on Ireland's inland waterways, but even if you do not want to ride the waves, a tour of this Northern Ireland lake is well worth the time and effort. Depending on how many detours you want to take or attractions you want to enjoy this might be a day tour or keep you busy for longer.

The driving is easy and there are many amenities along the way, so no major planning exercises are involved. You are, however, well-advised to get a good map, preferably from the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (take the Discoverer Series Sheet 17, Lower Lough Erne at a scale of 1 : 50,000). This will show you all roads in detail, as well as any interesting features along the way.

If you are undertaking this tour outside the main season you are urgently advised to check up on opening times.

I have outlined the tour anti-clockwise, starting and finishing up in Enniskillen - feel free to adapt or change this to fit into you personal plans.

The first leg of the journey will take you from Enniskillen to Devenish Island, so let's go ...

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