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Traveling to Ireland - How to Get to Ireland

To visit Ireland you have to get there first - which usually involves taking either a plane or a ferry.
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Priority Boarding on Ryanair - Worth It?
Priority Boarding on Ryanair – a godsent for some, a bone of contention for others. And an additional fee for a small advantage. Let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons here ...

Ireland by Ryanair
Ryanair, like all budget airlines, provides a no-frills service at a keen price. If you want extras, you pay for them. What are the main points of criticism waged against Ryanair?

Passenger Rights When Flying to or from Ireland - European Regulation EC 261/200
Passenger rights - when reading the terms and conditions of a flight booking, it may seem at first glance that all you have is the right to remain silent and seated. But you actually have far more rights, courtesy of European Regulation EC 261/2004.

Ferry Good
Let's face it - ferry travel to Ireland is outdated if it can be avoided. You’ll queue in an uninviting harbor, spend hours on an old steamer, you get seasick and ... all this driving and wasted hours. Isn’t it much quicker, cheaper and more convenient to fly?

How To Choose Your Airline For Flying to Ireland
While flying to Ireland has never been cheaper, price differences are still enormous. And they do not always reflect the level of service you get. Indeed some flights advertised as "budget" with a no-frills airline will leave you more out of pocket than a regular economy flight.

Entry Requirements for Visitors to Ireland
Information on passports, visas and vaccinations for travellers planning to visit Ireland.

Ports of Entry - Ireland's Airports
Short overview of airports in Ireland handling transatlantic passenger flights.

Ireland's Airports - International and Local Airports in Ireland
Complete list of Irish airports with connections within Ireland, European and long-haul flights.

Connecting Flights - Not a Bad Idea
When visiting Ireland you can avail of direct flights - but there might be advantages in combining connecting flights.

Irish Customs Regulations - What Can You Bring into Ireland?
Customs within the European Union (EU) uses three channels - the blue channel is for travellers within the EU only and should not be used if your flight originated outside the EU. That leaves the green and red channels for transatlantic travellers.

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