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The Aran Islands Airports


Location of the Aran Islands Airports

  • Inis Mór
  • Inis Meáin
  • Inis Óirr

Contact Information for the Aran Islands Airports

Telephone +353-91-593 034 (Aer Arann Islands)
Aer Arann Islands Website

What are the Aran Islands Airports Like?

Think small airfield at the back of beyond and you've got the picture. The airports on the Aran Islands are nothing more than "bus stops" for commuter and pleasure flights. Passenger facilities are very basic and you will not want to spend too much time here.

How to Get to the Aran Islands Airports

As transport facilities on the Aran Islands are severely limited you will more than likely have to walk, cycle or use a horsecart to get to the airports. If you are planning to stay on the Aran Islands, ask about transport when booking your accommodation.

Destinations Served from the Aran Islands Airports

  • Connemara Regional Airport

Why You Should Fly to the Aran Islands Airports

There is only one reason to fly here - to visit the Aran Islands. Which should be reason enough.

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