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Food and Drink in Ireland

Eat, drink, snack ... when in Ireland, do as the Irish do. That would mean a pick and mix of offerings, from fast food to formal dining, from a quick pint to a very aged whiskey. Let us have a look at the real "Culinary Ireland", beyond the hype.
  1. Irish Recipes You May Try (13)

Saving on Eating Out in Ireland
How to save money on eating out in Ireland - surviving a budget Irish vacation without starving.

The Irish Breakfast
Starting the Irish day off with a platter of fried stuff and gallons of tea - maybe not the healthiest option, but every visitor to Ireland should give the "Full Irish" a try at least once.

Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee - Irish drinks and their history.

Irish Cream
Irish Cream - Irish drinks and their history.

Guinness - Irish drinks and their history.

Whiskey - Irish drinks and their history.

Eddie Rocket's Diners - Irish Fast-Food Chains
Eddie Rocket's is the Irish take on an US-American institution, the diner. You can almost believe the Fonz is going to come in anytime soon. A fun place to eat.

Itsabagel - Irish Fast-Food Chains
Itsabagel sells, you'll be surprised, bagels. Serving them in a variety of tasty ways - in fact the best Bagels I ever had this side of Miami. Just don’t expect them to be kosher.

Supermac's - Irish Fast-Food Chains
Supermac's, despite the suggestive name, always aspired to be different from the restaurants underneath the golden arches. You’ll also get your Irish breakfast here, on a real plate.

Abrakebabra - Irish Fast-Food Chains
Quite frankly I have yet to experience another franchise operation that has such immense quality differences between individual restaurants. Which makes eating at Abrakebabra a gamble for the occasional visitor.

Favorite Irish Drinks - Alcoholic Beverages in Ireland
Going into an original Irish pub in Ireland and drinking just Bud Light should be positively discouraged. If you want to down a few, why not try the local brew?

Original Irish Foods - What to Feast on in Ireland
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do. And when it comes to food and drink the tourist should endeavor to savor local specialities. You can have steaks, burgers and buffalo wings any day at home.

Fast Food Outlets in Ireland
How to get food fast when visiting Ireland - with a twist. Explore the local fast food outlets and expand your culinary horizon.

Pubs of Dublin - The Top 10
Dublin is full of pubs and picking the best is down to taste and expectations. But here is a list of the pubs I would deem worth a visit when you are in Dublin and looking for a decent night out.

Dublin's Pubs and Restaurants - Break for the Border, Johnson Place
While "Break for the Border" will not have you start singing "Home on the Range" and line-dancing is a rarity, the Western theme makes the enormous megapub homely to a certain degree. Food is Tex-Mex and value for money, but too many pre-nuptial parties tend to spoil the fun.

Dublin Restaurants - Epicurean Food Hall, Abbey Street
If you are looking for a city center location where every palate can find satisfaction at a moderate price this foodcourt is the place to go. Very busy at lunchtime but generally not overcrowded.

Dublin Restaurants - Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant, Abbey Street
If you are a vegetarian in Ireland you can't go wrong here - Govinda's in the center of Dublin was named after the Hindu protector of cows and has strictly vegetarian cuisine.

Dublin Restaurants - The Halfway House & Backyard Restaurant, Navan Road
Combining the traditional Irish pub (The Halfway House) with a rustic restaurant (The Backyard) gives the guest the best of both worlds - you can choose between formal dining and the informal carvery.

Dublin Restaurants - The Khyber Tandoori, South William Street
If you want to experience the cuisine of Pakistan and India in Ireland you will not go wrong with the Khyber Tandoori. The variety of dishes is wide enough to satisfy the most picky of eaters and their preparation is authentic. A recommended restaurant if staying in Dublin.

Dublin Restaurants - Ming Court, Blanchardstown
One of the best Chinese restaurants in the Dublin area - the excellent taste and high quality of the meals is matched by good service and enough room to enjoy the stay.

The Pubs of Ireland
A helpful list of pubs, some rated by the editorial team.

Mandarin Buffet Chinese Restaurant – Enniskillen
The Mandarin Buffet Chinese Restaurant in Enniskillen lets you eat until you had enough ... with good quality food and tempting desserts.

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