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Ming Court Chinese Restaurant - Blanchardstown

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Ming Court Chinese Restaurant - Blanchardstown
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The Bottom Line

Ming Court in Blanchardstown is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Dublin area - the excellent taste and high quality of the meals is matched by good service and enough room to enjoy the stay. A large number of Chinese guests vouches for the authenticity of the menu and cooking.


  • Authentic Chinese cuisine at an affordable price.
  • Clean and spacious dining area.
  • Friendly, efficient and unobtrusive service.


  • Decor leans to minimalist and bland.


  • Excellent Chinese cuisine at medium-range prices.
  • Specialities Cantonese and Dim Sum.
  • Convenient (if uninspiring) location for the Western suburbs.
  • Plenty of room and unobtrusive service ensures an enjoyable stay.

Guide Review - Ming Court Chinese Restaurant - Blanchardstown

Ming Court is one of several dozens of Chinese restaurants in the Dublin area. Situated next to the busy Blanchardstown Shopping Centre (one of Europe's largest malls) it has ample parking space and good public transport connections. Positioned above a bookmaker and a video store it also surprises the visitor with its low-key décor.

Here you will find none of the stuffy atmosphere so beloved by "old school" Chinese restaurants. Instead the dining area is large, well lighted and airy, even larger parties can usually be accommodated without major problems or disturbance for other guests.

The menu is comprehensive, a good mix of the main Chinese and East Asian cuisine popular in Europe. Cantonese and Dim Sum are specialities of the house - and well worth a try. Prices vary but can be classified as being "medium range". As usual set meals for two or more persons can be a bargain. And the available lunchtime specials make individualistic eating more affordable.

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