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Supermac's - Irish Fast-Food Chains

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The Bottom Line

Supermac's, despite the suggestive name, always aspired to be different from the restaurants underneath the golden arches. While providing the time-honored burger and fries, the restaurants may also serve ice cream, cakes, pizzas and whatever has currently been added to the menu. And you’ll also get your Irish breakfast here, on a real plate.


  • Wide variety of fast food for different tastes.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • More than a "burger joint".


  • Sometimes longer serving times lead to queuing and occasional overcrowding.


  • The Irish take on the classic fast food chain, with a twist.
  • Offers an astonishing variety of food, far beyond the humble burger and fries.
  • Mix of food styles not always successful due to crowded conditions - other foods tend to intrude.

Guide Review - Supermac's - Irish Fast-Food Chains

While I was never really disappointed with the food in Supermac's, I always have the feeling that it is a crowded place. It certainly is popular and the wide variety of food quite naturally leads to minor delays in serving. Once these delays add up and stack, pandemonium can easily spread. Meaning queues and overcrowding.

It certainly is quieter in the mornings, when Supermac's not only serve a full Irish breakfast but also the infamous "breakfast roll". The Irish working man's favorite morning treat. Also known as "heart attack on a platter". One just has to try it ... otherwise how would one know how a cooked breakfast stuffed into a baguette tastes? Actually quite good, though it might be a bit too filling for many people.

In general Supermac's tries to please every customer of any age group, offering a wide variety of foods and also a café selection. Not always successfully done - somehow enjoying a cappucino and muffin becomes harder once the distinctive aroma of a burger wafts past you olfactory nerves.

Recommended for a quick bite or for a group with diverse tastes - nearly everyone will find something here.

Note: As this is a general review of a chain of restaurants individual restaurants may provide better or worse service!

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