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Accommodation in Ireland

The choice of accommodation in Ireland can be bewildering - from the very basic hostel with unisex dorms the very sumptuous castles fit for the luxury traveller. And then there is always the trusty old B&B, Irish breakfast included.
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Accommodation 101 - What to Expect and What to Consider
Choosing accommodation for your stay in Ireland can be tricky. Visitors are faced with a host of options ... the choice is yours, but what should you consider? Unless you are pre-booking a tour you will have to decide how to spend your nights in Ireland. Of course a lot will depend on your budget. Let your About Guide Bernd Biege help you with...

Mobile Accommodation - Seeing Ireland from Your Own Home
Mobile Irish accommodation? Choosing between a tent, a caravan, a RV, a boat and ... a gipsy's life.

Haunted Hostelries
Ireland's Haunted Hostelries - or that special holiday feeling ... why not drop into a pub with its own ghost? Or even stay a night with things that go bump in the night? Ireland has a fair share of ghostly happenings and finding a haunted hostelry is not a difficult task. Add a dark night with rain lashing the window panes and you are sure to...

Accommodation Search Engine for the Republic of Ireland
Accommodation search on the official tourism website for the Republic of Ireland - includes all accommodation types.

Find Accommodation in Dublin
Find accommodation in Dublin on the Official Tourism Website.

Accommodation Finder for Northern Ireland
Accommodation search on the official tourism website for Northern Ireland - includes all accommodation types.

Irish Hotels Federation
Providing information on member hotels and online booking facilities.

Town and Country Homes
Bed & Breakfast accommodation in more than 1,300 Irish homes and houses.

Irish Farmhouse Holidays
Stay on an original Irish farm - bed & breakfast accommodation in more than 300 locations.

Irish Caravan & Camping Council
Pitch your tent or park your trailer at over 100 parks all over Ireland.

Hidden Ireland
Hidden Ireland is not a company as such, but a network of independent accommodation providers all across Ireland. From quaint, doll-house like cottages to sprawling Georgian mansions.

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