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Ireland Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
On What Date Should Ireland Really Celebrate...
The Easter Rising of 1916 is celebrated at Easter - which makes no historical sense at all. Only in Ireland ...
How Patrick Pearse Proclaimed the Irish...
Full text of the 1916 declaration of the Irish Republic, as read out by Patrick Pearse during the Easter Rising.
What are the Best Free Attractions in Dublin?
Want to see Dublin, but not spend a lot of Euros? Here are some handy hints on how to make the most of Ireland's capital for free ...
Dublin Sights and Attractions You Should Not Miss
Dublin's best attractions, most famous sights, and recommended places to go ... a comprehensive list.
How to Find a Good Pub in Dublin ... Fast!
Dublin is full of pubs and picking the best is down to taste and expectations. But here is a list of lists - of Dublin pubs that are worth a visit.
What You Really Need to Pack for Ireland
Things to bring with you to Ireland - essential items that make travel easier and more fun.
8 Frequently Asked Questions about Alcohol Laws...
Alcohol often is part of the Irish vacation experience - but what does the law say about drinking alcohol in Ireland?
The Sights You Really Should Consider Visiting...
Trust me, when you travel around Ireland, these are the sights you really should consider - for starters at least, as there is much more ...
Just How Easy is Driving in Ireland?
Driving a (rental) car in Ireland does not need to be difficult or even dangerous - as long as you stick to the rules of the road and some basic advice.
How Much Should You Tip in Ireland ... And When?
Tipping in Ireland is like an arcane art mastered by only a few enlightened individuals. The rest of us mere mortals will have to just fumble along. Here are some pointers in the right direction.
Which Souvenirs are Worth Buying in Ireland?
Souvenirs from Ireland - have a look at the best of the many choices you can encounter on yout Irish vacation.
Why You Should Be at the Howth Summit
Howth Summit - not the highest point of Howth, but worth visiting for the view alone.
What You Need to Know About Saint Mary's Abbey...
Saint Mary's Abbey in Howth - a church founded in Viking times, with a history of rebuilds, and Dublin's most unusual grave.
Irish Phrases You Might Want to Know When...
Irish phrases, words, and colloquialisms you may not need, but that would maybe make you alittle bit more comfortable when visiting Ireland.
Easter Rising 1916 - What was the Plan?
The planning of the Easter Rising of 1916 - a series of conspiracies and a false start.
What You Need to Know About Howth Castle
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When in Ireland, Drink What the Irish Drink
Going into an original Irish pub in Ireland and drinking just imported stuff should be outlawed. If you want to down a few - try the local brew.
Which of the Most Dangerous Animals of Ireland...
Does Ireland have dangerous animals you should be aware of? Oh yes ... despite Patrick's ban on snakes.
Easter Rising 1916 - the Bloody Aftermath and...
The aftermath of the Easter Rising of 1916 - a British blunder of enormous proportions.
Why Size Really Matters in Ireland
Shoppers beware - in Ireland, size really is important! Because Irish clothing and shoe sizes can be different from what you are used to at home.
2016 - Your Year to Visit Ireland?
2016 in Ireland is not all about the Easter Rising centenary ... here are six good reasons why you should be here, this year.
The Irish Words You Should Really Know
Which Irish words should you really know when travelling to Ireland? There are a few ... and some may be saving you from embarrassment.
10 Things to Never Do in Ireland, Ever
When in Ireland avoid doing what the Irish commonly associate with the more unwelcome tourists. Here is what you simply should not do when visiting Ireland.
The Day of the Smudged Forehead - Ash Wednesday...
Ash Wednesday - a religious feast still very obvious in Ireland and marking the beginning of Lent.
Get Cracking With the Irish! Pancakes, As Lent...
Pancake Tuesday - why Shrove Tuesday in Ireland is celebrated with loads of pancakes (and a visit to the pub).
Cash or Card in Ireland? And Which Currency?
Paying in Ireland - cash is king, credit cards are also handy if you have a PIN. Find out more about the Irish currencies and payment methods.
Dublin's Best Pubs? Here Are Some Favourites ...
Just what would be Dublin's best pubs? Here are some crowd-pleasers, favourites for a number of reasons. And what a wide variety of Irish pub culture.
Visiting Dublin? Then Look No Further for the...
Want to get to know Dublin? Start exploring here ... with itineraries, background information, and even the not-so-nice sides of Ireland's capital.
Naked on Irish beaches? Watch your back!
Nudism in Ireland? It is largely a private matter, but sometimes tolerated. An Irish solution ...
How to Pay Road Tolls on Dublin's M50
Toll barriers have been scrapped on the notorious M50 - read up on barrier-free tolling and avoid penalties.
What's Happening in Ireland ... a Month by...
The year in Ireland - an evergreen list of holidays, events, and notable dates, from January to December.
Want to Sound Like the Irish Natives? Here's...
In Ireland you will hear people speaking an Irish version of English. Influenced by tradition and the Irish language. And confusing for the visitor.
Ireland's Best Festivals in 2016 - Where You...
Festivals and major events taking place in Ireland during 2016. Pick your own favourites from this comprehensive, month-by-month list.
Having a Safe Irish Vacation - Easy!
Safe travels in Ireland are the norm - millions of tourists visit the country every year, without coming to harm whatsoever. But, just in case ...
Love is in the Irish Air - Make Your Visit...
Planning a romantic day in Ireland? Let's face it - anybody can buy a box of chocolates, a few roses,
The Fiercest Fights in Ireland - Spectator Sports
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do! And one thing the Irish are certainly fond of are sports. At least in the role of a spectator. Here are the ten most popular spectator sports:
Can You Travel Ireland Without Using a Car?...
The best way to travel around Ireland is by car - no contest. But what if a visitor does not want or simply cannot use a car? There are alternatives available ...
A Short Run-Down of Howth's Attractions
Howth is slightly off the beaten track for visitors to Dublin - but an excellent connection via DART makes the seaside village accessible for anyone.
Four Seasons in One Day - Ireland's Weather
Ireland and weather - a theme in itself ... but the Irish weather, come rain, come shine, is manageable. If unpredictable. That much is true ...
Churches Not to Miss in Ireland
Ireland, known as the island of saints and scholars, is dotted with church buildings - from small, early medieval oratories to Byzantine extravaganzas. Here are ten churches I would recommend for a visit and which would give you a fair impression of the different styles.
100 Years After the Easter Rising - How Ireland...
A short guide to the official and alternative celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising centenary in Ireland.
Ireland and Customs - What is Legal to Import?
Irish Customs Regulations - find out what you can legally bring into the country ... and which channel to take.
Why You Should Mind the Irish L-Driver
Look out for the special Irish markings for special drivers - the L-, N- and R-plates explained.
What Women Travelling Alone to Ireland Should...
Women travelling alone in Ireland - a problem? There are some places on earth where women should never travel alone, for whatever reasons - thankfully Ireland is not one of them. Which does not change the fact that woman travellers in Ireland should exercise caution, in several ways.
The Mass Grave for the Executed 1916 Leaders
Visit Arbour Hill in Dublin if you are interested in the Easter Rising of 1916 and its aftermath ... and have time to spare.
How to Experience a Bracing Cliff Walk in Howth
The Howth Cliff Path Loop - two or so hours of cliffwalking in quite safe and not too strenuous fashion.
Want to Get Close to Dublin's Attractions? Then...
Dublin is comparatively small ... and you may walk through the main areas of interest in a short time. So, why not do it, and save money to boot?
What You Need to Know About Ryanair and Luggage
Ryanair's cabin baggage or hand luggage rules are strict and can be costly - find out more before booking a budget flight to Ireland.
Saint Valentine - He Really is a Dubliner!
Saint Valentine, patron saint of lovers, is an Irish saint by adoption (and since 1836). His remains can be venerated in Dublin.
The Parting Glass - Why So Popular?
The Parting Glass - a song of farewell and hope and very popular indeed, due to a number of reasons ...
Why the Irish Song Mo Ghile Mear is Not About...
Mo Ghile Mear - the lyrics, the history, and the background of this popular Irish song ... which is not what it seems at a first glance!
Courtyard by Marriott
The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Galway City - description of its location and what to expect.
It's a Long Way to Tipperary - But Why and From...
Tipperary, it's a long, long way to go ... but why did this Irish town matter at all? Lyrics and history of the popular soldiers' song explored.
Kissing in Dublin - Where and When?
Looking for the best places to kiss in Dublin, from the peck on the cheek to the full smacker? Here's the sites you should consider for de auld shift!
How Dublin Celebrates the Chinese New Year in...
Highlights of the Dublin Chinese New Year Festival 2016 - saying good-bye to the Goat, welcoming the Monkey. And at a new venue too ...
Easter Rising 1916 - What Happened During the...
The Easter Rising of 1916 - a lost cause right from the start.
Eat Like the Irish: Original Food of Ireland
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do. And when it comes to food and drink the tourist should endeavor to savor local specialities. You can have steaks, burgers and buffalo wings any day at home.
Top 10 Festivals in Ireland
Ireland has literally hundreds of festivals, but where should a visitor go? Find out more about the best festivals in Ireland.
What are Ireland's 20 Largest Cities?
Ireland's towns are, mostly, not large as such - but here are the twenty largest Irish urban areas.
Dublin Pubs Where They Really Raise the Roof
Some of Dublin's pubs where you'll always find a good crowd and a good buzz.
Ireland Became a Republic - in 1916, 1919,...
The Republic of Ireland Act only came into force in 1949 - despite earlier efforts to declare an Irish Republic.
Find the Best Sites in Ireland by Region
Explore this round-up of the top places to see and things to do in the different counties of Ireland. Pick up key travel tips for the Emerald Isle.
Easter Rising 1916 in Dublin
The Easter Rising of 1916 was one of the, maybe the defining moment of Irish history in the 20th century. While the rebellion was planned as a nationwide event it only had a real impact on Dublin. And the Irish capital is also the ideal place to re-visit the Easter Rising.
What to See in Ireland's Province of Munster
Munster, the Ireland's largest province, is the Irish South-West, with the counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford.
The most important female saint in Ireland -...
Saint Brigid - the „Mary of the Gaels“ was an Irish nun, abbess, founder of several convents, and even bishop.
How to Enjoy the Best of Dublin in Just Two Days
Dublin in two days? Why not, the Irish capital is the ideal destination for a weekend city-break.
Where Irish History Was Made - Dublin's GPO
The General Post Office or GPO in O'Connell Street is one of the top ten sights of Dublin. Not only does the massive classical building dominate Dublin's main thoroughfare, it also is the iconic symbol of the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Several renovations restored the GPO to its former glory.
Dublin Pubs You May Not Find in Every Guidebook
Dublin pubs that are not on everyone's radar ... but that provide a unique experience, a quiet pint. or a convenient pit-stop when touring Ireland.
Your Complete Guide to Public Transport in Dublin
A short overview of the public transport options you have in Dublin.
When are shops, museums or banks open in Ireland?
Shopping or visiting an attraction in Ireland? When can you expect the doors to be open? Heree are some guidelines regarding Irish opening hours.
Looking for Movie Locations in Ireland? Here's...
Ireland has a long tradition of film production. Many major movies were filmed here, find the places where this happened ...
A Short Overview of the National Museum in...
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Need Help in Ireland? Here are the Numbers to...
A comprehensive list of emergency telephone numbers for travellers in Ireland, including police, medical services, and fire.
Why Travel to Ireland? Here are 10 Good Reasons...
Why Ireland as a holiday destination? Here are some reasons ... you really should consider heading for Ireland.
Why "The Rising of the Moon" is Still a Popular...
The Rising Of The Moon - the lyrics of the popular Irish song, intentioned to incite Ireland into rebellion during the 19th century/
The Good Sex Guide to Ireland
Curious about sex in Ireland? Here are some legal basics, and helpful hints on how to stay safe ...
Can You Vape in Spite of the Irish Smoking Ban?
Vaping, the electronic alternative to smoking - legal despite Ireland's smoking ban? Yes, but it may be banned on premises.
Shopping on the Cheap in Ireland - Without Tax
Most goods in Ireland carry a hefty surcharge of 23% Value Added Tax (VAT). Thus goods that would be actually priced at 100 Euros will cost you 123 Euros. Or, to reverse the process, without the added VAT a souvenir bought for 100 Euros would only set you back by 81.30 Euros.
Images of Saint Valentine in Dublin
Saint Valentine in Dublin - an image gallery from Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church.
Some Dublin Pubs That Are Definitely Not Central
A list of Dublin pubs that are not in the city centre, but it is recommended that you make an effort to get there when visiting Ireland.
What to Look Out For in an Irish Rental Car
Renting a car in Ireland? Get the rental that fits you needs on Irish roads - and know the difference between European and US cars.
Visit Ireland in Film With These Top Irish Movies
Ireland on the cinema screen - a list of recommended movies to give you that Irish feeling and a bit of an insight.
What Documents Do You Need To Enter Ireland?
Information on passports, visas and vaccinations for travellers planning to visit Ireland.
Planning a Vacation in Ireland
Planning a vacation in Ireland doesn't have to be hard - just follow some basic advice in our list of resources on Ireland and the Irish.
Should You Buy a Holiday Home in Ireland?
The basic knowledge you need for buying a holiday home in Ireland.
Why You Should Take A Walk Amongst Millions of...
Dublin has a large number of cemeteries - but which stand out from the usual and mundane? Here are my top picks for visitors to the Irish capital.
Is Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin Really Worth...
Kilmainham Gaol - a place of suffering and despair in Dublin, now a tourist attraction. Mainly because of the strong 1916 Easter Rising connections.
Irish Monasteries You Should Not Miss
Ruins and remains of monasteries still are numerous in Ireland - and I encourage you to include a few in your plans.
Can You get Contraceptives in Ireland? You Sure...
Did you really not know that contraceptives are widely available in Ireland? Times have changed, for the better.
Saint Brigid's Day - How to Honour Ireland's...
How to celebrate Saint Brigid's Day in the traditional, Irish fashion - from family food to farm animals.
Is Northern Ireland Still a Dangerous Place?
Many visitors to Ireland are wary of going into the six counties of Northern Ireland. Is it still a dangerous place? Not really - if you just use common sense.
Who Visits Ireland?
Some statistics on who actually visits Ireland - gleaned from publications by Fáilte Ireland.
How to Get the Best Out of Dublin in Just One Day
Can you do Dublin in one day? Yes, you can ... it is going to be busy, but you will see all the important sights, and even have a pint.
How to Enjoy the Best of Northern Ireland in a...
Why not explore Northern Ireland for a change? Seven days are enough to get there, to see a representative selection of attractions and landscapes and to still have time to relax and enjoy.
Where to Join an Irish Pub Session in Dublin
A list of Dublin pubs and clubs hosting regular sessions of traditional music.
How to Get (Legally) Married in the Republic of...
Information on the Legal Requirements for an Irish Wedding
When to Buy Travel Insurance for Ireland
Do you need travel insurance when coming to Ireland? Well, yes and no ...
What is the Best Month to Visit Ireland?...
What is the best time to visit Ireland? Easy - because at least six months hold the promise of an enjoyable Irish vacation.
Is Good Friday an Irish Holiday ... or Not?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Good Friday in
Find Out How Easter is Celebrated in Ireland
A Short Overview of Irish Easter Celebrations and Traditions
How to Visit Ireland on a Budget (and Have Fun)
Prices in Ireland are not exactly low, but you may beat the Rip-Off Republic by thinking ahead and stretching your Irish travel budget.
Traditional Music Sessions in Ireland - Venues...
If you spend an evening in an Irish pub, you might catch a session in full swing - Ireland's best entertainment without any frills.
O'Connell Street (Dublin)
Everyone has to see O'Connell Street when visiting Ireland - a street of superlatives. O'Connell Street is reputed to be Europe's widest urban street. And it is home to the
Where to Join an Irish Pub Session in County...
A list of Limerick pubs and clubs hosting regular sessions of traditional music.
Why You Should Make the Effort to See Dublin's...
One of Dublin's three cathedrals (and the largest church in Ireland), St. Patrick's is actually the National Cathedral ... but lacking a bishop.
What You Need to Know About Dublin
Introducing Dublin - once a Viking trading colony, now a vibrant and modern city, with a sense of tradition. And the capital of Ireland, of course.
Breathe Freely Even in an Irish Pub
A blanket ban on smoking in workplaces and enclosed public spaces is in effect all over Ireland. Now what does this mean to the visitor?
Are Google Maps an Alternative to a Road Atlas...
Google Maps - not just free satellite images of famous Irish places, but a great tool to plan travels in Ireland.
The Seven Man-Made Wonders of Ireland You...
Ireland's man-made wonders - from ancient to modern times, from Newgrange to Samson and Goliath.
Have Two Weeks in Ireland? Then See Some of the...
A tour of Ireland - in two weeks. Twelve days in Ireland (plus getting there) will give you a good idea of the magic to be found here.
Ireland on a Budget - How to Do it Without Pain
The Irish have become used to high prices for everything - so is low-budget travel in Ireland still possible? Yes, it is ... but you need to be canny.
How the Irish Define "Football"
For the Irish, football often means nothing else but Gaelic Football - a fast game, with occasionally rough play, and hands are allowed too.
Have a Question on Matters Irish? Ask the...
Ask the Ireland Travel Expert - the basic rules for using this section, and how to make your question more likely to get answered by Bernd Biege.
Ireland's Provinces - Are There Four, Five, Or...
A short introduction to all of Ireland's five provinces ... and you thought there were only four?
Ulster - Six Plus Three Counties to Visit
A Short Survey of Ireland's Northern Province
Flying to Ireland? Here is a List of Airports ...
Complete list of Irish airports with connections within Ireland, European and long-haul flights, with links to further information.
Want to Take That Image? Make Sure it is Legal...
Camera? Packed ... but what are the rules and regulations regarding photography in Ireland?
What Will the Weather in Dublin Be Like When...
Weather data from Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland - the statistical low-down on the weather in the Irish capital.
Where to Take a Deep Breath and Relax in...
A short survey of parks and gardens in or near central Dublin - where you can stretch your legs and take a short breather.
Kildare Village Outlet Shopping
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Why Dublin's Temple Bar is Not Really a Must-See
Temple Bar - does the reputation translate into reality? Yes and no, making the area a mixed blessing.
Gay Travel in Ireland - No Problem
Gay Travel in Ireland - there should be no major problem for you.
Three Days - Enough to Really Get to Know Dublin?
Can you spare a long weekend? Because three days would be just the right time to spend in Dublin, getting to know Ireland's capital.
Why You Should Consider The Ferry To Ireland
Ferry travel to Ireland sounds outdated - but it has definite advantages. Provided you are travelling from the UK or mainland Europe.
Where Dublin Mammies go to Buy Fresh Fruit
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Ireland's Province of Connacht - Five Counties...
Connacht - basically the West of Ireland, with the counties of Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo. A rewarding destination for the visitor.
How To Spend Your Time in Galway City
Visiting Galway City in Ireland's province of Connacht? Here is a short list of recommended things to do.
When are Public Holidays in the Republic of...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Public holidays
How to Travel Digital in Ireland
The digital traveller is a common sight in Ireland. Where do he or she get their energy from, to recharge those batteries?
How to Choose Your Airline for Flying to Ireland
Flying to Ireland has become ever cheaper, but differences in price are still enormous. And they do not always reflect the level of service you get.
A Short Escape - the Dublin Parks and Gardens...
A short survey of parks and gardens outside central Dublin - getting loads of fresh air and gentle exercise for free.
My Cavan Girl
My Cavan Girl - the lyrics of this popular Irish folk song.
GPS and SatNav When Driving in Ireland? Depends...
Satellite navigation has changed road travel in Ireland over the last few years - but is it a must-have for travellers on an Irish vacation?
Ireland at a Glance
Ireland at a glance? Just the facts? No problem - here is the most important data.
Fast Food ... Irish Style
How to get food fast when visiting Ireland - with a twist. Explore the local fast food outlets and expand your culinary horizon.
In the footsteps of prisoners and academics ......
The Royal Canal Way is a unique way to explore some of the hidden aspects of Dublin.
Is the Irish West Asleep? Or is the West Awake?
The West's Asleep - though it may become wake, and make England quake ... as the Irish are wont to do.
What You Want to Give a Miss in Ireland
Tourist traps are more hype than substance - best avoid, in Ireland as well as everywhere else. An Irish list of things to miss.
How to Get to Dublin Airport by Public Transport
Dublin Airport is connected to the rest of Ireland by bus - find out more about routes, tickets and the usability.
How to Have a Great Day at Howth
Exploring Howth - from the harbour to the castle, from the nose to the summit, with some lighthouses and seals thrown in.
Cliffs of Moher - a Rip-Off?
The Cliffs of Moher are spectacular - but unfortunately also an example of misguided attempts to exploit the visitor as much as possible.
Drink Where Dublin's Thinkers Did - Pubs with...
Dublin pubs that are famous for a connection to Irish literature and writers, from Behan to Yeats.
Where to Get (Relatively) Close to Animals in...
Safe, yet (moderately) close animal encounters in Ireland - a list of attractions that might be of special interest for stressed parents.
The Seven Natural Wonders of Ireland You Really...
Ireland's natural wonders - from the bogs to the Burren, from Slieve League to the Giant's Causeway, sharks and skies included.
Which Tour of Dublin Would Suit You?
Visiting Dublin for the first time? Then get to know Dublin without too much hassle, and with a knowledgeable commentary thrown in - on a city tour.
Which Dublin Church That is Home to Saint...
The Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin is home to the relics of Saint Valentine - but worth a visit not only on February 14th.
Ten Top Tips for Dublin's Saint Patrick's Parade
Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin - every year on March 17th Dublin celebrates Saint Patrick's Day. With the parade through the city being the unmissable highlight. Here are some helpful hints for visitors to make the most of this parade.
Before You Buy a Guide Book to Ireland
Getting a guide book to Ireland is easy - any large bookstore will stock a few and there are dozens more available to order. From the mundane and basic to the definitely esoteric. But which one is the best?
County Kerry ... the Possibilities are Almost...
What to do when visiting County Kerry in Ireland's province of Munster? Here is a short list of ideas, and some background information.
Spending the Night in Dublin ... Partying
Dublin is a "Party Town", once even known as Europe's Number One in this regard - though this ranking

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