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Ireland Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Ireland's Top 10 Sights (It Really Is That Green)
What to visit in Ireland? The Top Ten Irish Sights are places you should not miss. Though, at times, they might be a bit crowded.
Good Friday - (Not) An Irish Holiday?
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How to See the Best of Dublin in a Short Time
On a day out in Dublin, make sure you do not miss the best sights! All are actually in the city centre or at least on a bus route.
Who Can Drink What and Where in Ireland?
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10 Great Dublin Pubs to Spend Time and Have a...
Dublin is full of pubs and picking the best is down to taste and expectations. But here is a list of the pubs I would deem worth a visit when you are in Dublin and looking for a decent night out.
Four Seasons in One Day - Ireland's Weather
Ireland and weather - a theme in itself ... but the Irish weather, come rain, come shine, is manageable. If unpredictable. That much is true ...
Just How Easy Is It To Cope With Driving In...
Driving a (rental) car in Ireland does not need to be difficult or even dangerous - as long as you stick to the rules of the road and some basic advice. Let us show you how to enjoy a driving holiday in Ireland without any hassle.
Things You Shouldn't Leave for Ireland Without
What should you bring to Ireland? There are some travel essentials you should take on an Irish vacation ...
10 Things Not to Do When Visiting Ireland
When travelling in Ireland, avoid some of the faux pas commonly associate with the more unwelcome tourists by the Irish.
Top 10 Souvenirs to Bring Home
Souvenirs from Ireland - have a look at the best of the many choices you can encounter on yout Irish vacation.
Festivals in Ireland 2014
A round-up of festivals and events that take place in Ireland during 2014 - a mixed bag, with something for everyone.
10 Irish Words Every Visitor to Ireland Should...
A short introduction to the Irish words and phrases visitors are most likely to encounter when travelling in Ireland.
Easter in Ireland
A Short Overview of Irish Easter Celebrations and Traditions
Ryanair Cabin Baggage Rules
Ryanair's cabin baggage or hand luggage rules are strict and can be costly - find out more before booking a budget flight to Ireland.
How Much Should You Tip in Ireland ... And When?
Tipping in Ireland - it all depends upon the situation, really.
Useful Irish Phrases - A Short Introduction to...
Without immersing yourself into the language, you’ll not be able to actually hold a concersation in Irish. But you may spice your English (a variety of which is spoken by everyone in Ireland) with some Irish phrases and colloquialisms.
What to Drink in Ireland: A Guide to Beverages...
Going into an original Irish pub in Ireland and drinking just imported stuff should be outlawed. If you want to down a few - try the local brew.
The Best Attractions of Ireland
Explore this round-up of the top places to see and things to do in the different counties of Ireland. Pick up key travel tips for the Emerald Isle.
The Best Free Attractions in Dublin
Dublin tends to be one of the more expensive cities of Europe, let alone of Ireland. But the Irish capital city still offers free attractions.
Irish Customs Regulations - What Can You Bring...
Irish Customs Regulations - customs within the European Union (EU) uses three channels, the blue channel is for travellers within the EU only and should not be used if your flight originated outside the EU. That leaves the green and red channels for transatlantic travellers. Find out when to choose which!
Get naked on Irish beaches ... but watch your...
Nudism in Ireland? It is largely a private matter, but sometimes tolerated. An Irish solution ...
How to pay in Ireland, North and South ...
Paying in Ireland - cash is king, credit cards are also handy if you have a PIN. Find out more about the Irish currencies and payment methods.
Public Holidays in the Republic of Ireland
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Want to Enjoy a Safe and Unproblematic Irish...
Travelling in Ireland is generally safe - but it always is a good idea to be prepared for the worst.
Barrier-Free Tolling on the M50
Toll barriers have been scrapped on the notorious M50 - read up on barrier-free tolling and avoid penalties.
On What Date Should Ireland Celebrate the...
The Easter Rising of 1916 is celebrated at Easter - which makes no sense at all. Only in Ireland ...
An Irishman Comes into a Pub and Says ... What...
In Ireland you will hear people speaking an Irish version of English. Influenced by tradition and the Irish language. And confusing for the visitor.
Ireland's Weather - Temperatures, Rainfall and...
Weather data from Dublin, on the east coast of Ireland - the statistical low-down on the weather in the Irish capital.
The Best Sights of Connacht
Connacht, in Cromwell's times the alternative to hell, is actually quite pleasant - and here are the best sights to visit when in the West of Ireland.
A song of farewell and hope - The Parting Glass
The Parting Glass - a A song of farewell and hope and very popular indeed, due to a number of reasons ...
Want to Get Close to Dublin's Attractions? then...
Most of the main sights of Dublin are situated in a comparatively small area. To get a good impression of this lively and historic city you only need to take a walk. And you can travel light as shelter from rain and refreshments can be found virtually everywhere. The whole tour should take anything between two and six hours - two hours for energetic walkers and without lingering too long at any place, six hours including stops, the Trinity College tour and a pause or two in a café.
How to Travel Ireland Without Driving
What about travelling Ireland without driving a car? There are alternatives, but none of them perfect.
Eat Like the Irish: Original Food of Ireland
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do - and eat like them too, oysters and all. You can have steaks, burgers and buffalo wings any day at home.
Lesser Known Sights of Dublin
Once you have done the essential sights of Dublin you might be tempted to see some of the hidden gems of Ireland's capital. These will require some more effort to find them and to get there, but they are certainly worth a visit and will make your Dublin experience unique.
Size Zero the Irish Way
Buying clothes or shoes in Ireland can be a problem, just like working out distances or measurements. Here are some quick hints on converting Irish weights and measures into European or US standards.
What Women Travelling Alone to Ireland Should...
Women travelling alone in Ireland - a problem? There are some places on earth where women should never travel alone, for whatever reasons - thankfully Ireland is not one of them. Which does not change the fact that woman travellers in Ireland should exercise caution, in several ways.
Need Help in Ireland? Here are the Numbers to...
A comprehensive list of emergency telephone numbers for travelers in Ireland, including police, medical services, and fire.
Top 8 Nightspots in Dublin
Dublin is a "Party Town", once even known as Europe's Number One in this regard - though this ranking
Top 10 Festivals in Ireland
Ireland has literally hundreds of festivals, but where should a visitor go? Find out more about the best festivals in Ireland.
Ireland on a Budget - Possible!
Prices in Ireland are not exactly low, but you may beat the Rip-Off Republic by thinking ahead and stretching your Irish travel budget.
On the Edge ... at the Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher are spectacular - a sheer drop of around 700 feet from a comparatively flat meadow down to the Atlantic is simply breathtaking.
The Most Overrated Attractions and Tourist Traps
Tourist traps are more hype than substance - best avoid, in Ireland as well as everywhere else. An Irish list of things to miss.
Armoured Cars and Tanks and Guns? No - Northern...
Many visitors to Ireland are wary of going into the six counties of Northern Ireland. Is it still a dangerous place? Not really - if you just use common sense.
Renting a Car in Ireland
Renting a car in Ireland? Get the rental that fits you needs on Irish roads - and know the difference between European and US cars.
It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Note that this song is not really Irish, but comes from the English music hall tradition. Written by
Two Days in Dublin
Want to spend a weekend (or any other two days) in Dublin? Ireland's capital offers a lot, but you can't see it all. Let me give you an itinerary for a Dublin weekend to remember.
Tayto Park near Ashbourne (County Meath)
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Why Travel to Ireland? Here are Some Good...
Just why should you choose Ireland as a holiday destination? Rain, not too tempting cuisine and high prices - this does not sound like the ideal destination, does it? But here are some reasons why you should still consider heading for Ireland.
What Documents Do You Need To Enter Ireland?
Information on passports, visas and vaccinations for travellers planning to visit Ireland.
Planning a Vacation in Ireland
Planning a vacation in Ireland doesn't have to be hard - just follow some basic advice in our list of resources on Ireland and the Irish.
Ireland's Twenty Largest Towns and Cities
Ireland's towns are, mostly, not large as such - but here are the twenty largest Irish urban areas.
Top 10 Spectator Sports in Ireland
When in Ireland, do as the Irish do! And one thing the Irish are certainly fond of are sports. At least in the role of a spectator. Here are the ten most popular spectator sports:
The Digital Traveler
The digital traveler, equipped with a digital still or video camera, mobile phone, PDA or laptop, GPS and lots more is a common sight in Ireland. What do all these (very useful) gadgets have in common? They need batteries and/or recharging. How does this work in Ireland?
How To Spend Your Time in Galway City
Visiting Galway City in Ireland's province of Connacht? Here is a short list of recommended things to do.
Dublin's Temple Bar - Not Really a Must-See
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When are shops, museums or banks open in Ireland?
Shopping or visiting an attraction in Ireland? When can you expect the doors to be open? Heree are some guidelines regarding Irish opening hours.
Phoenix Park
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Bringing Pets to Ireland
Bringing pets to Ireland - a practical guide.
Sights of Leinster - Picking the Best of the...
The top sights of Leinster? Leinster has so much to see that it is difficult to make a choice. I have taken the easy way out and included mainly sights and attractions within commuting distance of Dublin. This will suit visitors who want to stay in one central location and plan manageable day trips.
The Best Free Attractions in Ireland
Ireland's attractions on a shoestring? Possible ... you only have to change routes or know the (perfectly legal) way around paying ...
Kilmainham Gaol (Kilmainham, Dublin)
Kilmainham Gaol? Why should a place of suffering, despair and ultimately death be on the list of the top ten sights of Dublin? The blood of martyrs made Kilmainham Gaol hallowed ground to the Republic of Ireland ever since 1916.
How to Buy a Holiday Home in Ireland
The basic knowledge you need for buying a holiday home in Ireland.
Slieve League (County Donegal)
Slieve League will take your breath away, that is a promise - the cliffs of Slieve League in Donegal are the highest sea cliffs in Europe.
Sights of Ulster - Picking the Best of the North
The top sights of Ulster? Long regarded as one of the most dangerous places in Ireland and all Europe, Ulster has now been changed nearly beyond recognition due to the peace process.
The Hill of Tara
Tara - ancient seat of the High Kings of Ireland and one of the most legendary sites in Irish history and folklore.
Public Holidays in Northern Ireland
Public holidays in Northern Ireland are (at times) different from those in the Republic - here is a complete list.
Gay Travel in Ireland - No Problem
Gay Travel in Ireland - there should be no major problem for you.
Where Finn wanted to cross over to Scotland -...
Finn MacCool was supposed to have built the Giant's Causeway to cross over to Scotland - the World Heritage Site is highly recommended.
Easter Rising 1916 - The Plan
The planning of the Easter Rising of 1916 - a series of conspiracies and a false start.
Visit Ireland in Film with These Top Irish Movies
Ireland on the cinema screen - a list of recommended movies to give you that Irish feeling and a bit of an insight.
Dublin for Kids
Dublin offers a lot of entertainment for young persons that the older generations might also enjoy. An Irish mix ...
Killarney - An Introduction
Killarney remains one of the top tourist destinations in Ireland for both Irish and foreign travellers.
O'Connell Street (Dublin)
Everyone has to see O'Connell Street when visiting Ireland - and most visitors will not be able to avoid
Natural Beauty and Christian Heritage at...
Glendalough ranks among the most historic and beautiful places in Ireland. A visit from Dublin will take only a few hours - but is it worth it? Your About Guide to Ireland thinks it definitely is, let Bernd Biege explain.
Twelve Great Ideas for Touring Ireland with...
Making an Irish vacation exciting for children can be a major task - but Ireland has a lot to offer for the younger visitor.
Bleak and Bare in County Clare - the Burren
A bleak, scarred limestone plateau - the Burren just south of Galway Bay is one of Ireland's most fascinating sights.
Priority Boarding on Ryanair - Worth It?
Priority Boarding on Ryanair can be a bone of contention ... if it actually works, it can be good.
Get sporty - at least from the terraces,...
Irish sporting events in 2014 - from GAA to the Ryder Cup, from Ireland's bid for Olympic Gold in Sochi to the Dublin Marathon.
Irish Value Added Tax Refund - How to Shop...
Most goods in Ireland carry a hefty surcharge of 23% Value Added Tax (VAT). Thus goods that would be actually priced at 100 Euros will cost you 123 Euros. Or, to reverse the process, without the added VAT a souvenir bought for 100 Euros would only set you back by 81.30 Euros.
It's a Long Way to Tipperary - Why and From...
How did the distance to an obscure Irish town (or county, Tipperary is large) become the subject of the popular Great War song?
Howth Harbour and Ireland's Eye
Howth is slightly off the beaten track for visitors to Dublin - but an excellent connection via DART makes the seaside village accessible for anyone.
11 Most Dangerous Animals of Ireland
Close Encounters of the Irish Animal Kind - How Not to Come to Harm
Irish Whiskey as a Souvenir
Irish Whiskey as a souvenir? Certainly, why not ... actually it comes highly recommended. But a recent reader’s question cuts to the chase: “My fiancee and I are visiting Ireland on our honeymoon and wanted to bring home a bottle of whiskey for her father. Is it as simple as packing it well and putting it in check luggage or is it more complicated?“ Well, yes and yes. Here’s the lowdown on taking Irish Whiskey home as a souvenir.
Traditional Music Sessions in Ireland
If you spend an evening in an Irish pub, you might catch a session in full swing - Ireland's best entertainment without any frills.
10 Sights You Must Not Miss in Munster
What are the top sights of Munster? West Cork and Kerry rank high, but there is more than coastal scenery in this Irish province.
The Best Irish Fast Food Outlets
How to get food fast when visiting Ireland - with a twist. Explore the local fast food outlets and expand your culinary horizon.
Top 10 Irish Golf Courses
Ireland can be a golfer's paradise - if you are prepared for changing weather, strong winds and challenging courses. Choosing the perfect courses for a golfing tour of Ireland is a hard task. Find the Top Ten Irish Golf Courses with About.com.
Traditional Music in Dublin - Sessions in Local...
A list of Dublin pubs and clubs hosting regular sessions of traditional music.
National Museum of Ireland (Collins Barracks,...
While the National Museum of Ireland in Kildare Street is a definitive "must see" the museum in the Collins
Ferry Good
Let's face it - ferry travel to Ireland is outdated if it can be avoided. You’ll queue in an uninviting harbor, spend hours on an old steamer, you get seasick and ... all this driving and wasted hours. Isn’t it much quicker, cheaper and more convenient to fly?
In the footsteps of prisoners and academics ......
The Royal Canal Way is a unique way to explore some of the hidden aspects of Dublin.
Taking the bus, the LUAS or the DART? All are...
An introduction to public transport in Dublin - you definitely do not need a car in Ireland's capital.
Kylemore Abbey (County Galway)
You'll have to stop at Kylemore Abbey if you are in the vicinity, even if just for a quick snapshot of the main building from across the lake. A closer look might have you wondering what the fuss is all about, but the first impression counts!
Flying to Ireland? Here is a List of Airports ...
Complete list of Irish airports with connections within Ireland, European and long-haul flights, with links to further information.
Dublin Airport Services – Public...
Dublin Airport is connected to the rest of Ireland by bus - find out more about routes, tickets and the usability.
Three Days in Dublin
You have planned to stay three days in Dublin? Maybe this is the ideal time frame to get to know Ireland's capital in a leisurely way. An itinerary for a three day visit to Dublin could even take you to non-central attractions.
Dublin Tours - Dublin Bus City Tour Hop-on...
This Dublin tour is a must-do if you are in Ireland's capital for the first time and want to take in Dublin's most important attractions at a leisurely pace. The whole tour would take just 75 minutes.
Ireland by GPS
Satellite navigation has really taken off in Ireland over the last few years. The combination of a global positioning system and a digital map is the must-have gadget for many Irish drivers. But is it a must-have for travelers touring Ireland?
Blanchardstown Shopping Centre
Blanchardstown is the place to head for if you are looking for a sprawling mall in Dublin.
Top 10 Churches to Visit in Ireland
Ireland, known as the island of saints and scholars, is dotted with church buildings - from small, early medieval oratories to Byzantine extravaganzas. Here are ten churches I would recommend for a visit and which would give you a fair impression of the different styles.

National Museum of Ireland (Kildare Street,...
This is one of the real "must see" museums in all Ireland for anybody interested in history at all. Finds
Brú na Boinne - Newgrange and Knowth
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Ring of Kerry (County Kerry)
The Ring of Kerry, a circular tour taking you from Killorglin via Cahersiveen and Kenmare to Killarney, takes in some of the most spectacular landscapes of Ireland's Southwest. But it has been so well publicized that traffic jams are not unknown in Summer. So is it still worth taking this tour?
8 Different Views of Ireland's Capital Dublin
Dublin's best lookouts, places where you can spot the Irish capital from a different angle, are not always easy to get to. But definitely worth going if you want to have a panoramic view.
Movie Locations in Ireland
Ireland has long been a country where cinemas were an important part of popular culture - indeed the Irish are regarded as some of the most enthusiastic cineasts of Europe. But Ireland has also a tradition of film production. Many major movies were filmed here, find the places where this happened ...
What to Expect in Ireland in May
Ireland in May - Events, Holidays and Other Highlights During May in Ireland
Dublin City - An Introduction
Once a Viking trading colony, Dublin today is a vibrant and modern city with a good sense of tradition. And the capital of Ireland, of course.
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle, one of the top sights of Dublin, is hidden away near Dame Street. And not a castle in the classical sense. But the former seat of British power in Ireland should be on every agenda.
St. Patrick's Cathedral (Dublin)
One of Dublin's three cathedrals, St. Patrick's is actually the National Cathedral of Ireland, but lacking a bishop. Being the largest church in Ireland, St. Patrick's is well worth a visit, though a bit of a walk from Dublin's city center.
Things to Do in County Mayo
Visiting County Mayo in Ireland's province of Connacht? Here is a short list of recommended things to do.
How To Choose Your Airline For Flying to Ireland
Flying to Ireland has become ever cheaper, but differences in price are still enormous. And they do not always reflect the level of service you get.
Clonmacnoise (County Offaly)
Though Clonmacnoise is never really on the way, a detour to see this monastic site is worth the time and gas.
Renting a Car in Ireland - Essential Equipment...
Touring Ireland by rental car? Some things to take with you are common sense items, some are Irish legal necessities.
St. Anne's Park and Rose Gardens
St. Anne's Park and Rose Gardens was once the place of a stately mansion belonging to the Guinness family, now it is a park for every Dubliner to enjoy. A bit out of the way, but worth going!
Where Time Stood Still - Bunratty Castle
Bunratty has made itself a name as one of the best attractions of Ireland over the years. A complete Victorian village was recreated with original and reconstructed buildings, a medieval castle and entertainment.
Guinness Storehouse (St. James's Gate, Dublin)
Guinness is undoubtedly Dublin's most famous export and a visit "to the Guinness brewery" ranks amongst
Beara Peninsula (Counties Kerry and Cork)
Though only a few miles south of the more famous Ring of Kerry, the Beara Peninsula is a different world. The peninsula and its main town Castletownbere have not yet been totally discovered by mainstream tourism and retained a rural charm that has been modernized and polished to death in other places.
Ireland's Haunted Hostelries
For that special Irish holiday feeling ... why not drop into a pub with its own ghost? Or even stay a night with things that go bump in the night?
The Best of Ireland in Two Weeks
After a transatlantic flight you are likely to arrive in Dublin during the morning. Make the most of
Who Visits Ireland?
Some statistics on who actually visits Ireland - gleaned from publications by Fáilte Ireland.
The Early Christian and Medieval Monuments of...
Architectural relics from the Irish middle ages, an abiding memory of Ireland's past.
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Out of three candidates, this is Dublin's only "real cathedral" - nearby Saint Patrick's Cathedral lacks
Trinity College (Dublin)
Ireland's first university, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, tops most lists of the recommended sights of Dublin. The Campanile must be one of the most-photographed buildings in Dublin - and the Old Library is home to one of the most famous books on earth.
Belleek Pottery
Belleek Pottery is, with all due respect, about the only reason most people come to Belleek. The production of porcelain began in 1857 and the products of today's Belleek Pottery are sought by collectors.
The Forty Foot
The Forty Foot in Sandycove is a bastion of male nudism in Dublin ...
Get Your Own Little Brian Boru - Figure, Coin...
A short list of Brian-Boru-themed collectibles you might consider as a souvenir.
Ireland on a Bicycle
Cycling through Ireland? Possible, but maybe not as idyllic as a few decades ago ...
Can I Get Contraceptives in Ireland?
Contraceptives are widely available in Ireland - times have changed. But things might not be as easy as the visitor expects ...
High Crosses of Ireland
High Crosses - some of the most interesting medieval monuments of Ireland.
Ireland With No Frills
The Irish themselves have become used to high prices for everything. Tourists become nearly apoplectic when working out the restaurant bill. So, is really low-budget travel to and through Ireland still possible? It is, but only if you are prepared to cut corners and do without the frills - here's how.
Getting Married in the Republic of Ireland
Information on the Legal Requirements for an Irish Wedding
Ireland Accommodation 101
Choosing accommodation for your stay in Ireland can be tricky. Visitors are faced with a host of options ... the choice is yours, but what should you consider? Unless you are pre-booking a tour you will have to decide how to spend your nights in Ireland. Of course a lot will depend on your budget.
Traditional Music in Limerick - Sessions in...
A list of Limerick pubs and clubs hosting regular sessions of traditional music.
Tours of Dublin
When visiting Dublin you have several methods to explore the city at your disposal. The best way to get to know Dublin without too much hassle and with a knowledgeable commentary thrown in is a tour. You actually have a choice of several.
Fungi the Dingle Dolphin
Dingle Bay is home to Fungi, a solitary dolphin known for interacting with humans. Unfortunately the dolphin's behaviour is not natural.
Kildare Village Outlet Shopping
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Why does Ireland have Forty Shades of Green?
Just why do we talk about Forty Shades of Green? Blame Johnny Cash ...
Moore Street
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Top 10 Megalithic and Prehistoric Sites of...
Many visitors to Ireland are drawn towards the megalithic and prehistoric monuments on the island. Built a few thousand years ago by persons unknown with an intention we know nothing of they still hold a certain fascination today. Be it because of the sheer impact of the building works necessary or the (supposed) mystical background. But what actually are the best monuments to visit?
National Museum of Ireland (Natural History,...
Dubliners call the Natural History Museum "The Dead Zoo" - and they are dead right. If you love animals,
Old Bushmills Distillery, Bushmills (County...
Old Bushmills Distillery - This is your one and only opportunity to visit a distillery actually producing whiskey in all of Ireland - all other distilleries are visitors centers and museums with no real production going on.
Kells (County Meath)
Less than an hour's drive from Dublin, Kells is ideal for a short trip back into the middle ages. The town can boast a high number of medieval buildings and monuments.
Hiking in Ireland - Walking the Irish Walk
Hiking through Ireland can be a rewarding alternative for anyone moderately fit and with a willingness to invest their own muscle-power into getting from A to B. Several way-marked routes are available for long-distance hikes and shorter routes are identified locally.
What to Expect in Ireland in June
Ireland in June - Events, Holidays and Other Highlights During June in Ireland
The Ins and Outs of Camping in Ireland - and...
Camping in Ireland is an acquired taste, especially if you are using the good old tent - and it is fraught with legal difficulties ...
Mandarin Buffet Chinese Restaurant –...
The Mandarin Buffet Chinese Restaurant in Enniskillen lets you eat until you had enough ... with good quality food and tempting desserts.
General Post Office (O'Connell Street, Dublin)
The General Post Office or GPO in O'Connell Street is one of the top ten sights of Dublin. Not only does the massive classical building dominate Dublin's main thoroughfare, it also is the iconic symbol of the failed 1916 Easter Rising. Several renovations restored the GPO to its former glory.
Before You Buy a Guide Book to Ireland
Getting a guide book to Ireland is easy - any large bookstore will stock a few and there are dozens more available to order. From the mundane and basic to the definitely esoteric. But which one is the best?
Traditional Music in Kerry - Sessions in Local...
A list of Kerry pubs and clubs hosting regular sessions of traditional music.
What to Expect in Ireland in July
Ireland in July - Events, Holidays and Other Highlights During July in Ireland

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