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Readers Respond: Are Religious Connotations More Important Than Historical Dates?

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The Easter Rising of 1916 took place on ... Easter 1916, as the name implies. Yet Easter is a moveable feast. So by linking the commemorations to the Easter feast (and the wrong day of Easter to boot), the celebrations become almost religious. Shouldn't a secular event be remembered on the actual date it happened? Share Your Thoughts

Easter Rising

It was the Easter Rising and so should be celebrated at Easter.
—Guest Seán Leahy

All six days

The celebration should begin on April 24, 2016 and run every day through April 30, 2016. Six days that ultimately resulted in the Twenty Six and the Six. Some day, the Thirty Two. Erin go Braugh
—Guest Brent

April 24th right time to remember...

The Irish Patriots who woke that April 24th... mustered at Liberty Hall and undertook their mission to make Ireland free and for 5 days shocked the world. Pearce Brothers, Connolly, Clarke, Plunket, Mecdermont, Malin, and Sean Heuston amoung others. Took their last breaths before a firing squad in the "Stonebreaker's Yard" their final words should resonate to every liberty loving Irishman, as well as people everywhere under a tyrants fist... Make it a "terrible beauty born" thank you Yates... Their spirits should walk Dublin's streets on every April 24th. Also hats off to herself the Countess and Irish Women for Irsih Freedom. May all Iteland be a single Republic soon!
—Guest James Michael McClain


I only need to know for purchasing airfare. Do I come over in March or April
—Guest JPC


It should be celebrated on the actual date the 24th. Possibly every decade like 2016, 2026,2036 etc.
—Guest Mick


This celebration should not be about when or what time . This is about remembering the sacrifices that were made by so many. The fallen heros that have made Ireland what it is today. The date is an hostorical fact and thats all. That being Said I will visiting with the whole family in 2016 . MY IRELAND
—Guest Darren Pelan

Easter 1916 uprising

I live in Australia of Irish heritage ,to me it,s been known as the 1916 Easter uprising so should be commemorated on Easter.I plan to be there for the 100th anniversary
—Guest Rowdy Edwards

Susan and Virginia

Hello, We are two sisters currently living in Chicago IL and Madrid, Spain who are of Irish heritage (our mother's maiden name was Sweeney; her paternal grandparents emigrated to the U.S. from County Cork) and plan to travel to Dublin in 2016 for the 100-year commemoration of the Rising. We therefore hope that a decision can be made promptly about the official celebration dates. We have no opinion on the significance of the Easter holiday, as we think the current Irish democratic process is the most appropriate channel of decision. As pragmatic Americans (or would that be capitalists?) we do note that the latest possible date might be more conducive to outdoor activities and could help boost tourism for the event. Thank you for providing the forum for discussion!
—Guest SVAllan

Easter commemoration 2016

We live in Australia, we are of Irish heritage. We were fortunate to be present at Easter 2011 commemoration which approximately coincided with the Eater dates of 1916. We found the ceremony especially moving and privileged to be present. We would like to present be in Dublin for the formal 100th commemoration. We understand the Easter connection , the symbolism etc., yet do find it a little unusual that the formal ceremony does not occur on the actual date of the uprising. This is the Irish perogative, the symbolism attractive, yet probably would not occur elsewhere. There is a certain uniqueness to this tradition. Perhaps we should plan to be present for several weeks in order to experience the entire commemorative effect. Yet, that may not be possible. To assist with forward planning we do hope any decisions re 2016 are made, notification is provided by Irish authorities as soon as possible. Regards, Brendan & Joyce Keating, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


The 'connection' had nothing to do with Easter, but rather, the fact that much of the British military would be out of the city on holiday. It should be celebrated on the actual date. That's like celebrating the 4th of July in the states on the first Sunday of July because there was some random coincidence - it makes no sense. Make the actual date a national holiday.
—Guest Scott

It's called the Easter Rising!

Be bloody stupid to celebrate it at any other time. No point having it two or three weeks later!
—Guest Michael O'Cathain

Easter Rising

The Easter Rising wasn't about religion so why is it remembered by the connection to Easter. I can't wait till 2016. I planned to be in Dublin for the celebrations but I haven't a clue when it will be because of the lunar years continual changing of dates. I say make it the 24th April. Thats when it happened and that way the it can be celebrated for what it was instead of sharing with an important religious time. We know by the name it happend during Easter now people need to know it for what and when it was.
—Guest monique


No, but as it has always been referred to as 'Easter Week' - how can that change? Also, the historical event is more important than the correct date to commemorate it.
—Guest Marie Therese O'Donoghue

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Are Religious Connotations More Important Than Historical Dates?

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