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Readers Respond: Are Religious Connotations More Important Than Historical Dates?

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The Easter Rising of 1916 took place on ... Easter 1916, as the name implies. Yet Easter is a moveable feast. So by linking the commemorations to the Easter feast (and the wrong day of Easter to boot), the celebrations become almost religious. Shouldn't a secular event be remembered on the actual date it happened?

date of Easter celebrations

It should be held on April 24th 2016.. .....which should be called the Irish Independence Day, because by the Easter Rising everything changed in Ireland and all the people eventually wanted the British out......and a Republic declared. so April 24th should be it.......I want to book hotel rooms then so I can participate in the celebrations.

Easter Rising

It was the Easter Rising and so should be celebrated at Easter.
—Guest Seán Leahy

All six days

The celebration should begin on April 24, 2016 and run every day through April 30, 2016. Six days that ultimately resulted in the Twenty Six and the Six. Some day, the Thirty Two. Erin go Braugh
—Guest Brent


No, but as it has always been referred to as 'Easter Week' - how can that change? Also, the historical event is more important than the correct date to commemorate it.
—Guest Marie Therese O'Donoghue

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